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Shiva Rea: Free Flow Vinyasa Yoga

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Unleash your creative spirit in this improvisational, open practice. Shiva Rea’s Free Flow Vinyasa will tune and tone you while helping you to navigate life’s challenges with grace, power, and confidence. Highlights: - Discover the healing power of a mandala (sacred circle) with a moving meditation vinyasa    and learn four of Shiva’s Mandala Namaskar Sun Salutation sequences. - Bonus chanting and mediation session - In-depth interview with Shiva Rea - - Valuable resource material for teachers - You can let your creativity flow with acclaimed teacher Shiva Rea’s Free Flow Vinyasa yoga DVD.  Each chapter offers something new and allows you to customize your lessons by dropping in at any point on the disc.  You will learn to take your free flow yoga practice to another level with our Shiva Rea DVD.

Shiva Rea, M.A., is a leading teacher of vinyasa flow yoga worldwide and the creator of Yoga Trance Dance. Her approach to yoga integrates her knowledge of Krishnamacharya lineage, Tantra, Ayurveda, bhakti, kalaripayattu, world dance, yogic art, and somatic movement. She leads yoga retreats nationally and internationally, and is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Shiva Rea: Free Flow Vinayasa Yoga Part 1 43:50
Shiva Rea: Free Flow Vinayasa Yoga Part 2 46:17
Shiva Rea: Free Flow Vinayasa Yoga Bonus 10:54
Total Time 1:41:01