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Working with iAmplify to create my online store was easier than I had ever imagined. The ease with which I was able to build products allowed me to spend more time being creative with my store and less time worrying about the details of how to get it done. My happy clients have loved their experience with iAmplify so much, they've begun demanding more classes and more audios from me! - Danielle McKinnon, Amplifier since February 2009
I took up the lofty goal of becoming an audiobook publisher this past year, and knew two things: I wanted my product to be download-only, and therefore needed a dynamic download partner to make my business work. iAmplify turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. With their model I can not only create affiliate sales easier than I ever imagined possible, but I can track sales figures at the drop of a hat, or stroke of a keyboard. I get to keep all the buyer information so I can target later sales straight to them, something I couldn't find from anyone else. Within a day, I found myself recommending iAmplify to everyone I know, for whatever it is they sell. - Scott Brick, Amplifier since April 2008
Increase Your Sales With iAmplify's Premium Features.

I've spent a great deal of time searching for a convenient and cost effective way to get my weight loss product out to the general public. I've seen little success with many online companies, retailers and affiliate programs. I came across iAmplify, and decided to give it a try. It became obvious to me very quickly that I was finally dealing with a very convenient and professional platform to sell my product. The entire process of uploading my product and creating its own web page was finished in minutes and didn't require me to read long tutorials and study a manual. It was extremely simple and didn't cost anything to have my product listed on their site. Since I first made my product available on their website, my profits have taken off. The team at iAmplify handles all the sales, payments and promotions, freeing up my time to work on creating new products.

It's very refreshing to know that all I have to do is create a product, upload it to their site, then sit back and watch while my product is distributed to the many online customers iAmplify reaches. I'm looking forward to launching many new products on their site and reaping the rewards of using such a professional and convenient platform
- Damien Young, C.Ht,CPT,SPN, Amplifier since January 2009
We began working with iAmplify in late 2008 to offer our large library of educational audios on natural animal health. What a pleasant surprise to find such a professional platform to offer our audios through! We're very happy with the ease of set up as well. The initial set up took time only because we have such a large collection of audios but the step-by-step process is very simple and easy to do allowing us to put our audios together in a wide variety of program sets, subscriptions and single audios giving our listeners a wide variety of choices to meet their individual needs. Additionally there is a wonderful affiliate program already in place to offer our listeners and audience without us having to do the extra legwork to set up. We're VERY pleased with our partnership with iAmplify and highly recommend their services! - Dr. Kim Bloomer, veterinary naturopath, Amplifier since November 2008
Increase Your Sales With iAmplify's Premium Features.