Hand Planes in the Workshop - Mario Rodriguez

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Learn How Four Basic Planes Can Change the Way You Do Woodworking

Woodworking teacher and plane expert Mario Rodriguez shows the basics of using planes and how four basic planes-the jointer, the smooth plane, the shoulder plane, and the block plane-can change the way you do woodworking. In this download, you'll learn how to:

- Tune a plane
- Sharpen plane irons
- Stand and hold the plane
- Joint an edge
- Adjust a drawer to perfect fit

Mario Rodriguez is a contributing editor of Fine Woodworking magazine and teaches woodworking at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He also offers workshops on a variety of subjects including plane use and plane building.

Every classic Fine Woodworking video takes you right into an expert woodworker's shop. You'll see firsthand exactly how to do the work-the tools, the techniques, and the subtle rhythms of each process. Now reissued in a downloadable format, this timeless information is even more accessible.

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Handplanes in the Workshop 46:43
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