Hand-Applied Finishes - Jeff Jewitt

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Get Perfect Hand-Applied Finishes, with Technique Advice from a Pro Finisher

Simple tools and the correct techniques are all it takes to produce flawless finishes by hand. This video combines two videos: Hand-Applied Finishes: Coloring Wood and Hand-Applied Finishes: Applying Topcoats to offer a complete video guide to these time-tested techniques. You'll learn about:

- Preparing surfaces
- Using pore fillers
- Mixing stains
- Brushing on varnish
- Using pad laquer and shellac
- Applying French polish
- Rubbing out a finish

Jeff Jewitt is a professional finisher who specializes in period finishing techniques. A contributing editor of Fine Woodworking magazine, Jewitt is also the author of Great Wood Finishes and The Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

Every classic Fine Woodworking video takes you right into an expert woodworker's shop. You'll see firsthand exactly how to do the work -- the tools, the techniques, and the subtle rhythms of each process. Now reissued in downloadable format, this timeless information is even more accessible.

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Hand-Applied Finishes 1:31:46
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