Heal Your "Pain-Body".

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Get Free From Trauma, Physical Conditions, Emotional Patterns and Generational Wounds
  • There is a Mind/Body Medicine that can free you from the Past
  • Experience Profound Healing Results and Develop Soul-Level Awareness
  • Release Trauma Painlessly through Your Energy Systems with Bioenergy Balancing

What limits you?  Physical symptoms? Emotional patterns? Past Trauma? Allergies? Physiological conditions? Generational wounds? PTSD?

Bioenergy Balancing is a safe and effective way to energetically clear the orgins of your "pain-body" so that you can be free, vibrant, healthy and conscious NOW.  Your body is your wise and loyal ally and holds the roadmap to soul-level awakening and vibrant health.

Think that's impossible?  Think again.  No experience is a life sentence. Get free, get balanced, become unlimited and express THAT into the world.  Move from scared to sacred, from surviving to thriving.  "Heal the Past, Enjoy the Future.  It is Our Time."

Bioenergy Balancing Center

HumanSpirit Radio with Sarah McCroskey

Commonsense Wisdom for Changing Times

3rd Friday of Each Month / 2-3 p.m. Pacific

Internet Radio Broadcast, check site for details

What People Are Saying:

"ďIím amazed at the results Iíve gotten from the broadcast healing I received last month on your show, Sarah. My dust allergy appears to be completely gone! By habit, I still avoid dusty situations, but dust does sneak up on us all and Iíve not even ..." Dayna H.

"In one session with Sarah, we removed blocks in areas of my career and relationships. The session was deep and profound, touching many ages in this lifetime and of the past. I would recommend Sarah as a safe, compassionate healer that takes interest ... Gayle G.

"My work with Sarah has had a profound impact on my life. With Sarah's healing wisdom, each session has opened up (often spiritual) doors I had previously closed, which rapidly healed the physical symptoms along with their emotional components. It ... Gemma L.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
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Program Title Duration
Healing the Pain-Body with Bioenergy Balancing 07:10
Total Time 07:10

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