iMusic ThinkFast White Noise G3.

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ThinkFast Delivers F1 thought speeds and time stopping concentration. Catapulting your mind into a high performance zone that makes demanding mental tasks easier than ever.

Just play this iMusic selection in the background to elevate your brain power for tasks such as mathematical computations, complex lines of thought, competitive chess, or thinking through any brand of challenging material.

 F1 Fast Thought Capabilities

ThinkFast tunes your brainwaves and cognitive characteristics into a super performance state everytime, you can now pull out your mental 'A' game whenever you need it. Perfect for…

Tasks like: math, stock picking, number crunching & analysis, programming

Games like: Chess, sudoku puzzles, crosswords, brain teasers, Nintendo's Brain Age

* Experience the brain state most commonly associated with supreme intellectual achievement
* Process thousands more micro-calculations on a per-minute basis
* Navigate math and numbers with relative ease
* Make less errors
* Fight fatigue when working and thinking
* Combat ADD and block out distraction
* Teach your brain to ThinkFast naturally with repeated use

We've added our patented and powerful brain enhancing technology to White Noise-- giving you the same iMusic benefits in a less disturbing sound selection. Some liken the sound of White Noise to a gentle fan or the low level hum of an air conditioner. Others compare it to the sound of a distant mountain stream, or a gentle north breeze.  Play white noise iMusic at a volume that is audible, but non invasive for best results. The white noise sound will fade into the background of your thoughts, supplying you with powerful performance improvements while maintaining a tranquil environment.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
imusic-thinkfast-g3 1:00:07
Total Time 1:00:07

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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