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  • Whole Mind Relaxer
  • Physical Decompression
  • De-Stress Your Life

Relax and De-Stress Your Life and Body Centres

Despite our best efforts, life has a way of bringing stress to our door, Whether its our job, our kids or the general daily demands that we place upon ourselves, a special brain calming agent is just what we need. Look no further than MaxRelax!

Relax & Enjoy The Pleasantries of Life

You may not have realized it, but relaxation is a skill that needs to be learned;  we don’t naturally know the best way to relax & with today’s demanding schedules and hectic paces, most of us don’t dedicate the time to learn how to maintain our mental well-being.  Daily we abuse our bodies with stress and suffer the pain of overwork and overexhaustion.  Instead of reducing our levels of stress to create tranquil work atmospheres, harmonious relationships and healthier home lives, we pride ourselves on just how much stress we can handle.  This is the path to a life of discontent and failure. Your quality of being is more important than the quantity of your doing.

With MaxRelax, you now have a proven tool to wipe away stress and achieve deep levels of relaxation on demand.  Listen after a stressful incident at work, with your family after a long day or anytime you want to unwind and leave lifes troubles behind.

Not only will you feel more clear and positive, but your quality of life will improve remarkably as your mind and body are conditioned for optimal functioning and serenity.

Music Genre: Modern

MaxRelax G1 is a musing of different artists, to deliver a unique and compelling blend of soft and relaxing sonic experiences.

Listen to the sample for a taste of what you can expect. While it's the patented IMAGINCE technology we've added that makes this music so special when it comes to the brain, the music has been chosen due to its perfect pitch, tempo and characteristics.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
imusic-maxrelax-g1 1:08:51
Total Time 1:08:51

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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