The Empath Experience: Shifting the Paradigm & Rewriting Your Story.

Product Image: The Empath Experience:  Shifting the Paradigm & Rewriting Your Story

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Take Charge of your Highly Sensitive & Empath Nature
  • Learn exciting new ideas for those who are discovering their sensitive empath nature.
  • The seminar applies equally well to both Highly Sensitive People and Empaths.
  • Dr. Michael R. Smith is a professional counselor, holistic healer, and empath consultant.

In this Audio seminar you will learn:

* Why your superhuman efforts to create boundaries don't work.

* Why you can not turn off your empath sensitivity - ever.

* The radical paradigm shift that will change the way you view your life as a energetically sensitive empath.

* How banning 6 "off-limits" words in your vocabulary will make your life easier as an empath.

* How to deepen your intuitive listening skills to make sense of all of your empath energy input.

* How to tap the power of your two additional "brains" & go beyond the ego. 

* A structured meditation to dialogue with and open your heart chakra.

* How to alleviate empathic & spiritual suffering through the empath burden cure.

* How to literally re-write your life story to create more of what you want.

This is exciting learning from Dr. Michael R. Smith, the founder of EmpathConnection.com and the author of The Complete Empath Toolkit.

What People Are Saying:

"A fantastic resource for empaths and anyone interested in connecting with their intuitive and energetic abilities." Hillary Welles, co-author of The Female Power Within

"I just got through listening to your seminar and Love it. I found many of my questions answered. You have such a smooth, almost hypnotic delivery. I absolutely LOVE hearing your voice feeding me all this wisdom...amazing stuff here!" - Kristi C., Texas

"I bought your seminar. . . loved it! I have listened to it several times and can't wait to move to the next one. I keep listening to it because there are so many profound ideas." S. Silfies, PA

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
The Empath Experience 49:57
Total Time 49:57

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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