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9 short practices to improve your overall health!

Challenge your body, soothe your spirit, and keep your home practice fresh with Yoga Journal's Complete Home Practice.

Eight inspiring yoga sessions, based on sequences featured in Yoga Journal's Home Practice column. Choose from practices designed to increase muscle tone and strength, develop flexibility, and soothe your spirits. Teachers are Kathryn Budig, Lilias Folan, Amy Ippoliti, Elise Browning Miller, Simon Park, Stephanie Snyder, Peter Sterios, and Cora Wen.


Summer Break, by Kathryn Budig: This fun vinyasa sequence includes backbends, core strengtheners, and hip openers to build strength and confidence. 16 minutes.

Comfort & Joy, by Cora Wen: Rejuvenate and refresh with this slow-paced sequence of supported poses. 23 minutes.

Hip Enough, by Stephanie Snyder: Open your hips and release stress and negative emotions with this vinyasa sequence. 20 minutes.

Happy Days, by Lilias Folan: Brighten your inner smile as you gently stretch and strengthen your body. 12 minutes.

Twist to Fly, by Simon Park: A prana flow sequence of increasingly deepening twists will prepare you for flight in Side Crane Pose. 24 minutes.

Heart Wide Open, by Amy Ippoliti: Enjoy this unique 2 part practice that first fires up the strength in your arms and then opens your heart with a backbending sequence in this Anusara class. 18 minutes.

Vishnu’s Repose, by Elise Browning Miller: Develop strength, flexibility, and balance in this Iyengar sequence leading to Side-Reclining Leg Lift. 17 minutes

Healthy Twist, by Peter Sterios: A challenging torso-toning flow sequence of standing poses, this sequence will increase circulation to your organs and stimulate your digestive system. 15 minutes.


Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs9


Program Title Duration
Complete Home Practice - 00 Intro 00:31
Complete Home Practice - 01 Summer Break by Kathryn Budig 16:37
Complete Home Practice - 02 Comfort & Joy by Cora Wen 22:47
Complete Home Practice - 03 Hip Enough by Stephanie Snyder 20:30
Complete Home Practice - 04 Happy Days by Lilias Folan 11:59
Complete Home Practice - 05 Twist to Fly by Simon Park 24:21
Complete Home Practice - 06 Heart Wide Open by Amy Ippoliti 18:15
Complete Home Practice - 07 Vishnu’s Repose by Elise Browning Miller 15:05
Complete Home Practice - 08 Healthy Twist by Peter Sterios 17:36
Total Time 2:27:41

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