The Change Management Series.


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Tim Keller, senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, gives four talks on how to achieve significant and permanent improvement in our attitudes, behavior, and character. All talks are given at the Harvard Club of New York City and are all approx. 35 minutes each:

With this package you will receive four programs for the price of three!

In The Problem, Tim explores why such improvement is so difficult to achieve -- even when we want to. What are the root causes of our attitudes, and how do they determine our behavior and ultimately our character? How can we start to get at these roots of the problem?

In Identifying the Idols in Your Life, Tim proposes that we trace bad behavior back to its source -- to the "false gods" that we are secretly worshiping in our hearts. For example -- why do we get angry, and what does that tell us about what we value most highly?

In The Importance of Prayer, Tim explains how we can start to uproot these "false gods," by developing the habit of focused and disciplined prayer. How can we talk to God more effectively -- so that He becomes more real to us than the false gods?

In The Importance of Community, Tim discusses how diffic ult it is to achieve individual improvement in our modern, atomized society. The solution is to find, or build, a community of like-minded people who will help each other along the path. How can we do that?


Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Change Management 1-The Problem 35:49
Change Management 2-Identifying the Idols In Your Life 35:50
Change Management 3-Importance of Prayer 37:17
Change Management 4-Importance of Community 35:33
Total Time 2:24:29

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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