Scenes From The Life Of Jesus.


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Tim Keller, senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, gives 13 inspirational talks about the life of Jesus, at the Harvard Club of New York City:

Programs included are:

- "The Genealogy of Jesus": Tim analyzes the ancestors of Jesus, as presented in the Gospel of Matthew. How does the genealogy of Jesus give us clues about His character, and the salvation that He offers us?
- "The Annunciation": Tim studies the Gospel of Luke, and its report of how Mary responded to the news that she would become the mother of Jesus. How can we learn from Mary's response, and apply it in our lives today?
- "The Birth of Jesus": Tim collects details from the different Gospel accounts. How do they foreshadow the life of Jesus, and His mission on earth?
- "His Baptism and Temptation": Tim reviews these two closely related events, and discerns several lessons that apply to all of us -- especially about how we can deal with the temptations we face in our own lives.
- "The First Miracle": Tim re-tells the miracle at the wedding in Cana. Why did Jesus choose this time, this place, and this particular miracle to announce the start of His ministry?
- "The Transfiguration": Tim explores this pivotal event in the life of Jesus. Why are Moses and Elijah present? What do they talk to Jesus about, and why? How does the Transfiguration point toward the final phase of the ministry of Jesus?
- "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Hurried": Tim examines two of the miracles that Jesus performs during His ministry. Why does Jesus choose to perform these two miracles -- and why does He take so long to perform the second one? The answers to these questions give important insights into the character of Jesus, and what's important to Him.
- "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Believed": Tim reflects on the fact that the basic message and teachings of Jesus were rejected by many of the Jews on whom He focused His ministry. Why was that, and what does it tell us about the salvation that Jesus offers to us?
- "The Last Supper": Tim explains the various details of this famous event. How do the words and actions of Jesus show what was most important to Him during the last week of His earthly ministry?
- "Gethsemane": Tim reviews this painful evening, and the lonely battle that Jesus fought in the garden. Why was this battle, in some ways, more difficult than His suffering on the cross? How does it cast new light on the tenacity and determination of Jesus?
- "The Resurrection": Tim analyzes the events of Easter morning, as recounted in the Gospels. What do they tell us about Jesus, His resurrected body, and the world-wide movement that started on that day? How can we be confident that the Gospel accounts are true?
- "The Ascension": Tim recounts the story of Jesus rising into the heavens, forty days after His resurrection. What did Jesus do during those forty days? Why did He ascend into Heaven, and what is He doing now?
- "The Second Coming": Tim explores the Bible prophecies of the return of Jesus at the end of the world. What will happen -- and when? How should we be preparing for these events?

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Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs13


Program Title Duration
The Geneology of Jesus 27:48
The Annunciation 34:34
The Birth of Jesus 31:47
His Baptism and Temptation 32:15
The First Miracle 31:18
The Transfiguration 31:34
The Man Who Wouldn't Be Hurried 34:24
The Man Who Wouldn't Believe 31:21
The Last Supper 29:38
Gethsemane 35:04
Resurrection 33:42
The Ascension 30:39
The Second Coming 31:51
Total Time 6:55:55

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