Thr3e (Abridged) - Ted Dekker.

Product Image: Thr3e (Abridged) - Ted Dekker

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Kevin Parson is driving his car late one summer day when, suddenly, his cell phone rings. A man who identifies himself as Slater speaks in a breathy voice: You have exactly three minutes to confess your sin to the world. Refuse, and the car you're driving will blow sky high.  Kevin panics. Who would make such a call? What sin? Kevin ditches the car. Precisely three minutes later, a massive explosion sets his world on a collision course with madness.  Three is a psychological thriller that starts full-tilt and keeps the listeners off-balance until the very suspence-filled end.  From the #1 best-selling fiction author comes a powerful story of good, evil, and all that lies between.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs30


Program Title Duration
Thr3e: Chapter 1 12:46
Thr3e: Chapter 2 06:27
Thr3e: Chapter 3 16:29
Thr3e: Chapter 4 04:59
Thr3e: Chapter 5 12:14
Thr3e: Chapter 6 12:48
Thr3e: Chapter 7 08:09
Thr3e: Chapter 8 11:09
Thr3e: Chapter 9 20:11
Thr3e: Chapter 10 01:53
Thr3e: Chapter 11 07:01
Thr3e: Chapter 12 06:09
Thr3e: Chapter 13 05:04
Thr3e: Chapter 14 10:18
Thr3e: Chapter 15 08:47
Thr3e: Chapter 16 10:00
Thr3e: Chapter 17 07:45
Thr3e: Chapter 18 08:17
Thr3e: Chapter 19 13:15
Thr3e: Chapter 20 08:46
Thr3e: Chapter 21 07:21
Thr3e: Chapter 22 07:50
Thr3e: Chapter 23 10:27
Thr3e: Chapter 24 11:20
Thr3e: Chapter 25 08:34
Thr3e: Chapter 26 07:54
Thr3e: Chapter 27 09:41
Thr3e: Chapter 28 13:56
Thr3e: Chapter 29 07:35
Thr3e: Chapter 30 10:07
Total Time 4:47:12

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