The Word of Promise, NKJV - Old Testament Audio Bible.

Product Image: The Word of Promise, NKJV - Old Testament Audio Bible

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The star-studded audio production of the Old Testament of the Bible is the long-awaited follow up to the award-winning and best-selling Word of Promise® New Testament.
  • Dramatic audio theater production brings the Scriptures to life
  • Feature film quality performances, music score, and sound effects create a compelling resource for individual, group or congregational worship
  • In audio format it is portable and allows access to Scripture in all the places of our busy lives

Hear the Bible Come Alive in Dramatic Audio Theater!

This faithful rendering of the New King James Version® is presented in a compelling, dramatic audio theater format and features performances by Richard Dreyfuss as Moses, Gary Sinise as David, Jason Alexander as Joseph, Max von Sydow as Noah, Marcia Gay Harden as Esther, Stacy Keach as Job, Joan Allen as Deborah, and Jon Voight as Abraham.

The original music score by prolific Italian composer Stefano Mainetti (Abba Pater) and a feature film-quality sound design produced, engineered, and mixed at a post-production facility ranked in the top 3 in the nation are woven together with compelling narration by Michael York and the work of over 400 actors.


Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs80


Program Title Duration
WOP-01-Genesis-P1 1:16:26
WOP-01-Genesis-P2 1:45:04
WOP-01-Genesis-P3 1:48:05
WOP-02-Exodus-P1 1:24:07
WOP-02-Exodus-P2 1:10:34
WOP-02-Exodus-P3 1:26:04
WOP-03-Leviticus-P1 1:10:54
WOP-03-Leviticus-P2 1:33:16
WOP-04-Numbers-P1 1:20:34
WOP-04-Numbers-P2 1:16:50
WOP-04-Numbers-P3 1:11:33
WOP-05-Deuteronomy-P1 1:37:03
WOP-05-Deuteronomy-P2 1:18:46
WOP-05-Deuteronomy-P3 1:42:59
WOP-06-Joshua-P1 1:07:58
WOP-06-Joshua-P2 1:13:24
WOP-07-Judges-P1 1:18:42
WOP-07-Judges-P2 59:11
WOP-08-Ruth 17:48
WOP-09-1Samuel-P1 53:29
WOP-09-1Samuel-P2 1:09:17
WOP-09-1Samuel-P3 56:57
WOP-10-2Samuel-P1 1:03:33
WOP-10-2Samuel-P2 1:25:56
WOP-11-1Kings-P1 1:31:26
WOP-11-1Kings-P2 1:27:00
WOP-12-2Kings-P1 1:25:10
WOP-12-2Kings-P2 1:20:48
WOP-13-1Chronicles-P1 1:07:26
WOP-13-1Chronicles-P2 47:51
WOP-13-1Chronicles-P3 52:33
WOP-14-2Chronicles-P1 55:58
WOP-14-2Chronicles-P2 58:54
WOP-14-2Chronicles-P3 1:14:21
WOP-15-Ezra 54:31
WOP-16-Nehemiah 1:13:07
WOP-17-Esther 43:05
WOP-18-Job-P1 45:01
WOP-18-Job-P2 40:49
WOP-18-Job-P3 53:44
WOP-19-Psalms-P1 27:32
WOP-19-Psalms-P2 41:35
WOP-19-Psalms-P3 43:48
WOP-19-Psalms-P4 35:43
WOP-19-Psalms-P5 53:55
WOP-19-Psalms-P6 38:05
WOP-19-Psalms-P7 43:59
WOP-19-Psalms-P8 42:36
WOP-19-Psalms-P9 36:14
WOP-20-Proverbs-P1 56:54
WOP-20-Proverbs-P2 1:07:52
WOP-21-Ecclesiastes 42:38
WOP-22-SongSolomon 23:24
WOP-23-Isaiah-P1 46:39
WOP-23-Isaiah-P2 34:15
WOP-23-Isaiah-P3 43:56
WOP-23-Isaiah-P4 56:57
WOP-23-Isaiah-P5 46:18
WOP-23-Isaiah-P6 44:42
WOP-24-Jeremiah-P1 1:14:47
WOP-24-Jeremiah-P2 1:08:16
WOP-24-Jeremiah-P3 1:17:27
WOP-24-Jeremiah-P4 1:23:06
WOP-25-Lamentations 31:52
WOP-26-Ezekiel-P1 1:27:39
WOP-26-Ezekiel-P2 1:44:32
WOP-26-Ezekiel-P3 1:45:27
WOP-27-Daniel 1:30:15
WOP-28-Hosea 41:42
WOP-29-Joel 14:30
WOP-30-Amos 32:57
WOP-31-Obahiah 04:47
WOP-32-Jonah 12:51
WOP-33-Micah 28:17
WOP-34-Nahum 09:09
WOP-35-Habakkuk 11:29
WOP-36-Zephaniah 12:50
WOP-37-Haggai 08:03
WOP-38-Zechariah 45:16
WOP-39-Malachi 13:35
Total Time 77:06:03

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