The Complete Contagious Leadership Guide.

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Cultivating the Heart, Vision, and Mind of a Leader
  • Develop your leadership skills using proven, field-tested material developed by veteran leaders
  • Learn to grow your church through effective leadership!
  • This download includes video, audio, and PDF components for a multifaceted learning experience!

What does it mean to be a good leader? Do you believe that leadership is a Biblical idea?

According to Genesis 1:26, God made us to lead. Join leadership expert John C. Maxwell and EQUIP™ in an exploration of biblical leadership. With the Contagious Leadership Series, you will learn how to grow as a leader— cultivate your people skills and deepen your relationships, learn to develop and communicate vision and purpose, discover how to set priorities and strengthen your time management skills, and how to become a good mentor.

Founded by John C. Maxwell in 1996, EQUIP™ is dedicated to equipping Christians with the leadership skills needed for advancing the Great Commission in their communities, workplaces, and churches. This curriculum, featuring Maxwell's core leadership teachings, has been translated into 35 languages and taught in over 100 countries, and has already effectively trained over one million leaders worldwide!

Designed for personal or group study, the Contagious Leadership Series contains everything you need to train your leadership team and the entire church body or organization to be effective, biblical leaders.

Learn the life-changing leadership principles that hundreds of thousands of people around the world have discovered. It has worked for them-it can work for you!

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio, Video
Number of Programs24
FormatMP3, MP4


Program Title Duration
ContagiousLeadership-01a 12:12
ContagiousLeadership-02a 14:06
ContagiousLeadership-03a 11:44
ContagiousLeadership-04a 15:07
ContagiousLeadership-05a 14:20
ContagiousLeadership-06a 15:07
ContagiousLeadership-07a 15:32
ContagiousLeadership-08a 14:47
ContagiousLeadership-09a 15:06
ContagiousLeadership-10a 14:51
ContagiousLeadership-11a 15:20
ContagiousLeadership-12a 14:44
ContagiousLeadership-01v 18:37
ContagiousLeadership-02v 21:37
ContagiousLeadership-03v 17:02
ContagiousLeadership-04v 17:18
ContagiousLeadership-05v 18:00
ContagiousLeadership-06v 18:52
ContagiousLeadership-07v 16:29
ContagiousLeadership-08v 14:36
ContagiousLeadership-09v 17:54
ContagiousLeadership-10v 17:51
ContagiousLeadership-11v 21:44
ContagiousLeadership-12v 21:13
Total Time 6:34:09

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