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The full Bible is now available in one easy download!

Beautifully narrated by famed story teller Bob Souer, The NKJV Voice Only Audio Bible features all of the books of the Bible in one easy download. Digitally enhanced for improved clarity, The NKJV Voice Only Audio Bible offers top quality at an affordable price. Allow the Word of God to wash over you as you drive to work, or listen as you sink into your favorite chair with a hot cup of coffee. With Souer’s simple, yet vivacious narration, there is nothing to distract you, allowing you easy access to His word on-the-go, for one low price.


Features Include:

·         New King James Version®- today’s most trusted translation

·         Full Bible in one quick, easy download

·         Easily burned onto disk, or loaded onto MP3 player for maximum portability

·         Digital re-mastering brings unprecedented clarity and audio quality

·         Location markers make finding and keeping your place as you listen as easy as hitting “fast forward” or “reverse”

·         Voice-only narration removes distraction of sound-effects, allowing you to plunge into the text with no muss or fuss

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs95


Program Title Duration
NKJV-R01-Genesis-P1 52:14
NKJV-R01-Genesis-P2 1:17:28
NKJV-R01-Genesis-P3 1:18:12
NKJV-R02-Exodus-P1 59:42
NKJV-R02-Exodus-P2 1:02:56
NKJV-R02-Exodus-P3 41:28
NKJV-R03-Leviticus-P1 50:47
NKJV-R03-Leviticus-P2 1:05:58
NKJV-R03-Numbers-P1 1:22:54
NKJV-R03-Numbers-P2 1:21:19
NKJV-R05-Deuteronomy-P1 1:09:39
NKJV-R05-Deuteronomy-P2 1:05:22
NKJV-R06-Joshua- P1 46:21
NKJV-R06-Joshua-P2-FIX 49:33
NKJV-R07- Judges-P1 47:06
NKJV-R07- Judges-P2 46:28
NKJV-R08-Ruth 12:56
NKJV-R09-1Samuel-P1 59:06
NKJV-R09-1Samuel-P2 1:06:38
NKJV-R10-2Samuel-P1 44:22
NKJV-R10-2Samuel-P3 1:00:36
NKJV-R11-1Kings-P1 1:04:32
NKJV-R11-1Kings-P2 58:42
NKJV-R12-2Kings-P1 54:45
NKJV-R12-2Kings-P2 1:00:25
NKJV-R13-1Chronicles-P1 1:03:45
NKJV-R13-1Chronicles-P2 56:04
NKJV-R14-2Chronicles-P1 53:22
NKJV-R14-2Chronicles-P2 1:19:48
NKJV-R15-Ezra 39:59
NKJV-R16-Nehemiah 57:02
NKJV-R17-Esther-P1 28:40
NKJV-R18-Job-P1 53:44
NKJV-R18-Job-P2 40:50
NKJV-R19-Psalms-P1 1:07:30
NKJV-R19-Psalms-P2 1:02:11
NKJV-R19-Psalms-P3 1:02:47
NKJV-R19-Psalms-P4 1:00:54
NKJV-R20-Proverbs-P1 55:27
NKJV-R20-Proverbs-P2 31:52
NKJV-R21-Ecclesiastes 28:44
NKJV-R22-Song of Solomon 16:22
NKJV-R23-Isaiah-P1 52:43
NKJV-R23-Isaiah-P2 59:02
NKJV-R23-Isaiah-P3 1:00:06
NKJV-R23-Isaiah-P4 16:22
NKJV-R24-Jeremiah (CORRECT) 3:30:49
NKJV-R25-Lamentations 18:19
NKJV-R26-Ezekiel-P1 1:00:00
NKJV-R26-Ezekiel-P2 1:40:59
NKJV-R26-Ezekiel-P3 46:26
NKJV-R27-Daniel 1:02:01
NKJV-R28-Hosea 29:55
NKJV-R29-Joel 10:50
NKJV-R30-Amos 20:44
NKJV-R31-Obadiah 03:23
NKJV-R32-Jonah 06:45
NKJV-R33-Micah 15:56
NKJV-R34-Nahum 06:44
NKJV-R35-Habakkuk 08:03
NKJV-R36-Zephaniah 08:28
NKJV-R37-Haggai 05:29
NKJV-R38-Zechariah 31:11
NKJV-R39-Malachi 09:16
NKJV-R40-Matthew-P1 58:58
NKJV-R40-Matthew-P2 1:09:51
NKJV-R41-Mark 1:21:26
NKJV-R42-Luke-P1 1:17:11
NKJV-R42-Luke-P2 58:58
NKJV-R43-John-P1 52:28
NKJV-R43-John-P2 50:17
NKJV-R44-Acts-P1 1:02:50
NKJV-R44-Acts-P2 1:02:26
NKJV-R45-Romans 51:20
NKJV-R46-1Corinthians 50:45
NKJV-R47-2Corinthians 33:44
NKJV-R48-Galatians 16:58
NKJV-R49-Ephesians 16:20
NKJV-R50-Philippians 11:51
NKJV-R51-Colossians 10:52
NKJV-R52-1Thessalonians-P1 09:52
NKJV-R53-2Thessalonians-P1 05:25
NKJV-R54-1Timothy-P1 13:07
NKJV-R55-2Timothy-P1 09:29
NKJV-R56-Titus 05:25
NKJV-R57-Philemon 02:23
NKJV-R58-Hebrews 37:49
NKJV-R59-James 12:25
NKJV-R60-1Peter 13:45
NKJV-R61-2Peter 08:24
NKJV-R62-1John 13:11
NKJV-R63-2John 01:34
NKJV-R64-3John 01:35
NKJV-R65-Jude 03:35
NKJV-R66-Revelation 1:00:32
Total Time 68:46:47

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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