Solving Indoor Barking or Whining.

Product Image: Solving Indoor Barking or Whining

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On this series of four video clips, Paul Owens, the original Dog Whisperer, explains how to deal with barking in different situations. He offers solutions with step-by-step training techniques for each of the specific environments.

The segments cover: Prevention and Management tools; Barking When Excited or Anxious; Barking or Whining for Attention; and Territorial Barking. The "Barking When Excited or Anxious" segment is an actual training session with a client whose dog barks because she is afraid of sounds and things that move unexpectedly. These clips are linked together because sometimes a solution from one situation will actually work in another.

In order to fully benefit from Paul Owens' methods, it is recommended that Introduction to Problem Solving for Puppies and Dogs (a Package of 9 segments) be viewed prior to this segment.

Please Note: For some of the solutions presented, a beginning level of proficiency in training is required. (See Training Essentials and Basic Behaviors from the Original Dog Whisperer.) Also, behavior problems involving aggression require evaluation by a professional and are beyond the scope of these video segments. Consult a professional dog trainer who uses positive training methods.


Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Barking Chapter_01 01:45
Barking Chapter_02 06:56
Barking Chapter_03 03:58
Barking Chapter_04 02:50
Total Time 15:29

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