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Are you the wall flower? Indeed shyness can be a seriously hinder you socially and economically, or you can learn to use it to your advantage. This program treats it very seriously and through a hypnotic induction technique for overcoming shyness using a desensitization technique, it guides you in freeing yourself from the clutches of the social phobia to stop shyness.

Since social anxiety is a specific phobia, social phobia, the techniques used on this program are taken from the Overcome Phobia program proven extremely successful with our clients at the Biofeedback Center. One primary difference is that the hypnotic induction for overcoming shyness includes a way of learning to profit from the social phobia. In other words, overcoming your shyness--the cure for shyness-- gives you an opportunity to use shyness for your advantage--an interesting way to use shyness to eliminate shyness.. 

Yes, there can be freedom from social phobia and this is the one program that points you in the right direction. The irony is that the shyness sufferer is often suffering from two phobias:
1. The fear of approaching others or taking a specific risk.
2. The fear that if the approach or risk is taken, that he/she won't know what to say or do.

The second fear often outweighs the first and stands in the way of dealing with the first fear.

This program handles both the first and second fear and works for those who suffer both mildly and severely from the symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Overcome Shyness - Track 1 06:05
Overcome Shyness - Track 2 06:39
Overcome Shyness - Track 3 05:18
Overcome Shyness - Track 4 02:19
Overcome Shyness - Track 5 15:07
Overcome Shyness - Track 6 11:44
Overcome Shyness - Track 7 04:27
Overcome Shyness - Track 8 05:14
Overcome Shyness - Track 9 09:31
Overcome Shyness - Track 10 11:42
Total Time 1:18:06

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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