Life Crisis Part 1 and 2.

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Midlife Crisis Time? Newly revised and updated--better than ever! In fact I had a personal crisis of my own to go through to complete this program. 

Life crisis, mid life crisis and crisis's in general are the major contributing factors to drug addiction, alcoholism , and suppression of one's immune system leading to life threatening illnesses. 

This is the one program that will help get you back on track from mid life crisis or any other crisis. You've worked hard all your life, been dedicated, honest, and now everything has changed. The reality sets in that life is passing you by and the last 5, 10, 20, 30 or more years is lost. Lost to the wrong job, wrong relationship,  career, and so on. Or you lost a skill, or your good looks, or have been crippled from an accident, or diagnosed with a life threatening illness. You feel life is totally unfair and has passed you by and the opportunities you've squandered or missed are gone.

Normally what happens is that when faced with this tremendous loss, it may take years to adjust if ever at all. Everyday is an unwelcome reminder of the loss of yesterday and ends in the same  feeling the day before. Uselessness or high levels of anxiety to make things right, but no solid direction to channel that anxiety.

Most of us were taught to get our self worth from the things we do in life. It's normal to become passionate about and identify with the things in life that we love. Little wonder when for some reason we can no longer do can do those things, or when we wake up and question our relationships, the time table we set for ourselves, and suddenly find ourselves lost. This program is about taking the lost "you" and helping you find the new "you."

The brain is incredibly powerful and because you've learned to identify yourself with what you do in life, you set the jaws of the trap for midlife crisis or mid life crisis. As long your relationship with what you do--the hats that you wear--is ok or as long as you don't question the value of your hats, all is ok. But then when the hat gets knocked off or you wake up one day and question the value of the hat, it's mid life crisis or life crisis time.
Part I of the program:
1. Provides you the awareness of the identity trap--IDENTITISTM
2. Gives you the tools to re identify yourself.
3. Moves you beyond the unfairness of life.
4. Empowers you to live in the present and let go of guilt of the past and worry of the future.
5. Moves you beyond attachments defining your life.
A new leash on life!

Part II of the program, complete with subliminal suggestions, on the second cd plants the suggestions into your subconscious mind to release you potential, find new pathways, and meaning once again in life.

Bonus: On cd #2 of the program is a special bonus track. If you're familiar with Wayne Dyer and his most recent push for each of us to connect with intention, then you'll love this track. Or if you've been wondering, pondering, confused about the meaning of it all--life--God--intention--essence, then this bonus track on this cd is a must. It's about how to really connect with intention and deal with the phsyical states and  emotional states that corrode your conduit to intention--something no one else provides real sound direction in doing.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs17


Program Title Duration
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 1 08:49
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 2 07:18
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 3 05:20
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 4 06:21
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 5 08:37
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 6 07:58
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 7 04:08
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 8 01:37
Life Crisis Part 1 Track 9 10:10
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 1 06:57
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 2 03:51
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 3 02:19
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 4 23:18
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 5 05:28
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 6 05:46
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 7 04:22
Life Crisis Part 2 Track 8 10:21
Total Time 2:02:40

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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