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Imagine this for sports motivation and sports psychology. Before your competition you are completely relaxed and at ease. Every muscle in your body strong, your reflexes optimum for peak performance. If you are a runner, you feel a magnet pulling you toward anyone in front of you as opposite magnetic poles attract.  And with those behind you, the magnetic poles are like poles--they repel you-- pushing you forward and away from those behind you.. 

If you are a golfer, your coordinated breathing is perfectly timed with your stroke as your club strikes the ball speeding it down the fairway to within inches of your goal. Putting is like precise and intuitive.

If you are a wrestler, you reflexes sharp and keen, body limber, and muscles strong. 

No matter what the sport, the least important thing is the score. For when you forget about the score,  your peak performance is there for you with your reflexes keen and sharp. Your determination is to have you stay on target knowing you've done it hundreds of times before.  

This sports hypnosis program is for developing peak performance--better tennis, better golf, better swimming... and is geared toward the professional or amateur athlete or the individual who just wants to excel in a particular athletic sport or activity. The techniques in this program may be applied to baseball, football, basketball golf, tennis, racing, boxing... Yes, improve golf, improve swimming, improve tennis just to name a few. 

The first several tracks are the educational portion for your conscious mind. It lays a foundation for suggestions to give you the mental edge that are given in the later tracks. Develop peak performance and win the game of sports psychology by learning to be your own best friend. Effective sports psychology  is to learn how to keep any mistakes you might make from interfering with future performance--live in moment tight compartments. Discover the barriers (your own beliefs) that keep you from peak performance and using sports hypnosis dissolve them. 

The last track is for your subconscious mind and froth with hypnotic suggestions that support you in developing peak performance and sports motivation. The sports psychology  behind it helps work to unite the body and mind into one integral unit clearly focused on the goal at hand and bring the fun back into sports. 

The last track is also where the
subliminal (below audible range) suggestions are. 

Remove those barriers to achieve your full  potential and be a winner.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs8


Program Title Duration
Improve Sports Track 1 10:09
Improve Sports Track 2 05:16
Improve Sports Track 3 02:01
Improve Sports Track 4 05:40
Improve Sports Track 5 06:26
Improve Sports Track 6 08:06
Improve Sports Track 7 13:29
Improve Sports Track 8 22:33
Total Time 1:13:40

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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