40 Days to Power with Kathianne Lewis - Deluxe - Audio.

Product Image: 40 Days to Power with Kathianne Lewis - Deluxe - Audio

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Get the 40 Days to Power with Kathianne Lewis Experience anytime you want it.
  • 10 hours of audio - broken into 15 minute sessions
  • Claim the Power of Spirit within You!

These audio recordings are created from 40 Days to Power with Kathianne Lewis REAL TIME Phone-In Forum. Based on Rev. Kathianne Lewis’ new journal, 40 Days to Power, includes quotes from favorite Practical Mystic, Emma Curtis Hopkins, along with commentary and affirmations to support you in claiming your Power, the Power of Spirit, within you. During the 40-day phone-in, Rev. Kathianne will lead you through the journal and start your day with prayers and messages to enhance the experience and make it real. Step more deeply into your faith during 40 days of spiritual exploration and practice.

40 Days to Power with Kathianne Lewis REAL TIME Phone-In Forum occurred between Apr 26 – Jun 10, 2010, in six day intervals, M-Sat, no sessions on Sundays.

These audio recordings include daily opening and closing prayers along with commentary that is not available in the paperback journal.

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What People Are Saying:

"I have to ask myself, what is the lesson for me in life challenges? Kathianne has been leading us into just "Praising and Raising" everybody and everything. It is interesting how it has changed my attitude. I have more POWER over my situations and ... " Walter

"I'm going through what feels like the "most difficult period" in my life, yet with this practice I can, with some frequency, experience myself as the observer, as the aware one - as not the one who has a story, but the one who is seeing it, is ... " Catherine

"I'm noticing the reception around my intuition is more clear these days...and I'm less afraid to actually listen to it. " Kelly

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs41


Program Title Duration
40 Days to Power Intro - Deluxe 00:54
40 Days to Power - Day 1 audio 07:02
40DaystoPower-Day10 17:15
40DaystoPower-Day11 10:30
40DaystoPower-Day12 13:48
40DaystoPower-Day13 11:26
40DaystoPower-Day14 15:28
40DaystoPower-Day15 11:35
40DaystoPower-Day16 12:38
40DaystoPower-Day17 09:51
40DaystoPower-Day18 10:04
40DaystoPower-Day19 11:58
40 Days to Power - Day 2 audio 07:02
40DaystoPower-Day20 12:10
40DaystoPower-Day21 11:48
40DaystoPower-Day22 15:57
40DaystoPower-Day23 11:40
40DaystoPower-Day24 09:14
40DaystoPower-Day25 09:39
40DaystoPower-Day26 10:00
40DaystoPower-Day27 17:13
40DaystoPower-Day28 09:04
40DaystoPower-Day29 10:37
40 Days to Power - Day 3 audio 07:58
40DaystoPower-Day30 10:43
40DaystoPower-Day31 15:43
40DaystoPower-Day32 13:19
40DaystoPower-Day33 18:10
40DaystoPower-Day34 13:34
40DaystoPower-Day35 14:18
40DaystoPower-Day36 15:44
40DaystoPower-Day37 13:30
40DaystoPower-Day38 18:46
40DaystoPower-Day39 09:57
40DaystoPower-Day4 audio 16:43
40DaystoPower-Day40 13:52
40 Days To Power - Day 5 audio 11:02
40 Days To Power - Day 6 audio 14:02
40 Days to Power - Day 7 audio 13:56
40DaystoPower-Day8 17:33
40DaystoPower-Day9 15:37
Total Time 8:31:20

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