Turn Your Blocks INTO Blessings.


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Turn Your Blocks INTO Blessings to Propel You to Manifesting The Essence of Your Hearts Desire
  • Do You ever Feel Stuck or Blocked in any way?
  • Do You seem to have a pattern of Conflict with Yourself, Someone or Something over and over again?
  • Do You ever run away from things, situations or people that seem to be Blocking You or standing in Your way?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then this program is for You. 

There are 2 Types of Blocks:

     1.) Mental:  This kind of Block is when you have a Limited Thought Pattern Form like, "I'm not good enough" or "I can't do it" 

     2.) Emotional:  This kind of Block is a Feeling Tone energy in the Body Temple like, Fear, Anger, or Sadness.

There are 4 Basic Ways that People Deal with Blocks, see if You have done any of the following:

     1.) They Run Away.  An example of this is a client I had who would move every 4 months to get away from the people.  Then in the new place it seemed great until 4 months past by, and she would do this over and over again.  What  you resist persists.

     2.) They Ignore the Block.  I had a client who smiled all day and said empty affirmations, but didn't believe them.  This is a form of denial.

     3.) The Fight the Block.  I had a client who was in an internal war with himself about almost everything he thought or did in his life.  He was basically shaming himself and adding to the Block.

     4.) The become the Block.  This is when you give up and align with the Block and feel defeated.  You become the voice of the Block.

There is a 5th way and that way is this program right here....

Turn Your Blocks INTO Blessings

This Program Will:

      - give You the experience of a positive transformation

     - help you to discover and find the gifts in Your Blocks

     - guide You to integrating All the parts of Yourself so You feel more whole and accepting of Yourself

     - assist You in guiding and propelling You towards Your Hearts Desire

     - provide you with Step-by-Step easy to use and practical tools that You can use as much and as often as You'd like.

In this Program You will get:

     - An Audio recording about how Resistance is Futile and you will be assimilated back into Spirit.

     - An audio recording about a Spiritual By Pass and what it can do to help you.

     - A Process called "Turning Your Blocks with a Person Into a Blessing"  This comes with a worksheet and I will coach you in an audio recording, step by step through the process.

     - A Process called "Talking to Your Block"  This also comes with a worksheet where I will coach in an audio recording, step by step through the process. 

     - A Guided Meditation/Visualization Process to Turn Your Blocks Into Blessings. 

As a BONUS You get:

     - An audio recording of Michael Bernard Beckwith taking You through a Journey entitled, "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark"  Very powerful Journey.

     - An audio recording of Marrianne Williamson teaching a Lesson on "Claiming Possibility"

     - An audio recording of Caroline Myss talking about her new book "Defying Gravity" and grace in healing & the mystical experience. 

You Get Instant access to download this program which includes:

     - 2 hours of recordings

     - 3 Guided Processes to Turn Your Blocks Into Blessings

     - 2 Worksheets

     - 3 Bonus recordings

The Value of This Program is $97.00....   and You get it today for $47.00

What People Are Saying:

"Mike is a very beautiful, spiritual human being with in-depth answers to in-depth questions. He will lead you on a journey you have never been before--right into your soul. I highly recommend him." O. S, Business Owner, Illinois

"The biggest benefit is to start to unblock some of my current blocks, I beleive that some are dating from a very long time and others are fresh. You also you helped me on the road of being more positive and transforming the negative in positive" Luce Fleury Levi, Writer, France

"I received a real sense of empowerment and enlightenment as to who I am as a women in society, (an individual that can embrace and love others!) " Lisa Maxwell, CA

Product Information:

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Program Title Duration
Turn Your Blocks INTO Blessings 2:06:39
Total Time 2:06:39

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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