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"Chodron demonstrates how effective the Buddhist point of view can be in bringing order into disordered lives." -- Publishers Weekly

Have you ever had an itch -- and not scratched it? In the Buddhist tradition, this points to a vast paradox: that by refraining from our urge to "scratch, " great peace and happiness is available. On Getting Unstuck, Pema Chodron introduces a rare Tibetan teaching she received from her teacher, Dzigar Kontrul Rinpoche, and one that has become critical to her practice. Here, she unveils the mystery of an ineffable quality; a "pre-emotional" feeling that arises in us, brings us discomfort, and causes us to react by escaping the discomfort -- often with harmful habits. With Getting Unstuck, she offers us a first look at "both the itch and the scratch": what Tibetan Buddhists call ... shenpa.

On this new, full-length recording, Pema Chodron -- bestselling author and beloved American Buddhist nun -- shows us how to recognize shenpa, catch it as it appears, and develop a playful, lively curiosity toward it. Join Pema Chodron to discover more about:

- Critical mind -- how to recognize this fundamental shenpa, and approach yourself and others with a sense of humor and loving-kindness
- Ways to unravel the patterns of self-denigration, and develop the fundamental maitri--loving-kindness--toward yourself
- How to cultivate acceptance of your irritability, insecurities, and other simply human traits
- Recognition, Refrain, Relaxing, and Resolve: the four R's of working with shenpa, and more

An urge comes up, we succumb to it, and it becomes stronger, teaches Pema Chodron. We reinforce our cravings, habits, and addictions by giving in to them repeatedly. On Getting Unstuck, Chodron guides us through this "sticky feeling" -- exploring the moments when we get hooked -- and offers us tools for learning to stay with our uneasiness, soften our hearts toward ourselves and others, and live a more peaceful life.

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Program Title Duration
Getting Unstuck - Session 01 1:08:41
Getting Unstuck - Session 02 1:05:37
Getting Unstuck - Session 03 1:12:59
Total Time 3:27:17

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