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Are You Ready for the Deepest Sex of Your Life?

Maybe you've had great sex -- but have you had enlightened sex? A union so profound that you and your lover dissolve open as one divine passionate light shining for the sake of all? On Enlightened Sex, best-selling author David Deida presents his first full-length audio curriculum for transforming your lovemaking. In this seven-hour workshop on the art of engaged love, you are invited to explore:

- How to know the right partner for deepening your spiritual practice of sex
- Arousing unbearable pleasure to heal old wounds and melt open beyond fear
- The rules of "sexual polarity" (the key to physical attraction)
- Breathing exercises to cultivate mystical sexual experience
- The three types of women's orgasm -- and how to develop the trust each requires

Through ten in-depth sessions of guided practices, sexual skills, and provocative insights into the nature of human sexuality, David Deida shows you how to sustain the ecstasy of deep sex so that during your intimate encounters -- and in every minute of your life -- you are a beacon of conscious light for everyone, beaming with the effulgence of Enlightened Sex.

Product Information:

Program Information:

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs6


Program Title Duration
Enlightened Sex - Session 01 1:11:47
Enlightened Sex - Session 02 1:04:11
Enlightened Sex - Session 03 1:18:57
Enlightened Sex - Session 04 1:14:26
Enlightened Sex - Session 05 1:19:22
Enlightened Sex - Session 06 1:19:56
Total Time 7:28:39

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