Shape: Long, Lean and Strong.

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Re-charge your yoga practice and with Shape Magazine's Long, Lean and Strong Program, a strength-building, muscle-defining total body yoga workout.

Active yoga can tone and re-shape your entire body, making you look longer, leaner and stronger. This unique program seamlessly blends deep energizing breathes, linked with specific yoga postures to train your heart and lungs, challenge your muscles as well as turn up your internal furnace to burn calories! By adding more movement to your routine, you'll definitely boost your heart rate and increase your stamina and power your aerobic system.

Shape's Long, Lean and Strong includes a yoga warm-up and 20-minues of vinyasa - standing yoga poses to strengthen and lengthen your entire body from head to toe, flowing smoothly from one pose to the next, followed by 1-minute of more flexibility based postures. You'll finish with a relaxing meditation. Led by certified yoga instructor and Shape Assistant Fitness Editor, Teri Hanson, Long Lean, and Strong brings you an exhilarating and invigorating yoga program that's easy to understand and follow so you can experience the feeling of your body in connection with both your breath and your mind.

Designed for all fitness levels. A mat, a strap, and a block are recommended.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
Long, Lean & Strong - Long, Lean, and Strong Workout 28:31
Long, Lean & Strong - Bonus Stretch Routine 07:02
Total Time 35:33

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