Shape: Bikini Body Camp - Redefining Workout.

Product Image: Shape: Bikini Body Camp - Redefining Workout

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REDEFINE your physique with Bikini Body Camp and get into your best beach body shape - and keep it all year long.

Join up for Bikini Body Camp, a weeklong-inclusive, maximum calorie burner program that will finally change your body forever! Bikini Body Camp is an extraordinarily efficient 4-day a week program, designed to get you trim, toned, sleek and sexy with visible results in minimal time, only 30 minutes each day. Every workout includes both solid cardio and conditioning exercises and is chock full of Boot Camp style exercises, only with Shape's renown body promise - lean legs, firm flat abs - shapelier hips and thighs guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life.

This download includes two 30-minute workouts. Do each program twice during the week.

- Program 1 - Circuit Training, alternates strength and cardio combos for an all in one workout, using dumbbells and a resistance band.
- Program 2 - Interval Cardio Sculpt, combines basic cardio moves with peak cardio bursts and multi-muscle toning for max calorie output!

We've also included three 5-minute mini workouts that target bikini trouble zones - abs, butt and thighs and upper body. If you're short on time, you can do one, two , or all thee for 5 to 15-minute body-specific series. You can also add any one of these to your 30-minute routine for a longer workout.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Bikini Body Camp Redefine - Interval Cardio Sculpt 29:55
Bikini Body Camp Redefine - Circuit Training 30:34
Bikini Body Camp Redefine - Mini Workout 16:35
Total Time 1:17:04

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