Shape: Bikini Body All Year-round - Toning Workout.

Product Image: Shape: Bikini Body All Year-round - Toning Workout

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Get your best body ever and stay sleek, sexy and in bikini-body shape, any time of year.

Bikini Body Toning is designed for anyone who wants flatter, firmer abs, shapelier hips and thighs, a lifted rear and toned upper body. Each of the three zone training segments includes 15 minutes of focused, specific toning and strengthening exercises right out of the pages of SHAPE Magazine. Lisa Wheller and Michele Dozois, two of the foremost fitness trainers and video personalities in the industry, will give you the inside training tips to keep your body toned forever.

SHAPE's exclusive shuffle system lets you decide how many zones you do and in what order you do them. You can either play each zone, as is, shuffle the order of the exercises within each zone or let your DVD player shuffle either the zone order or the exercise order for you. All these options will help keep you more motivated and your muscles more responseive: a perfect combination for fast results.

BONUS: 20-minute Fat Burning Interval Workout.

To accelerate your toning efforts, this innovative interval style, mixed impact workout will help you torch calories fast. In three cardio segments, you'll work steadily at an energetic pace, interspersed with 30 to 60 fat-blasting seconds of higher-level activity.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Bikini Body: Toning - Abs 16:52
Bikini Body: Toning - Butt and Hips 15:31
Bikini Body: Toning - Legs 15:50
Total Time 48:13

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