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After years of making yoga videos in the studio, I wanted to create a series that was more spontaneous.  The idea is that yoga happens in the moment and that we, as practitioners are effected by and connected to our surroundings.  That way, everywhere we go, every time we practice, it's a little different.  Yoga on the edge was created for that purpose, to literally embody different locations around the world.

This first series was shot in harbour island, the Bahamas. You'll be able to see that none of the yoga was planned or rehearsed in anyway, I simply started practicing inspired by my environment. I make mistakes, wipe my face and fall out of balancing postures, just like I do in real life when I practice, just like we all do.

The sunrise practice, shot on the majestic pink sands beach moves through postures more quickly, to wake the body up and get going.  It is the longest and most physically challenging of the three programs.

High noon uses the serene setting to inspire breath and balance.

Sunset is a calming sequence designed to wind the body down after a hard day.

As you are in the comfort of your home, I recommend that you practice on a non slip surface or yoga sticky mat, that you wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and that you wait at least an hour or two after a meal before practicing yoga.  Even though you are in your home, imagine you are practicing with me.  Allow the music and the beauty of harbour island to transport you to magical place.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Yoga on the Edge: Sara Ivanhoe - Intro 01:44
Yoga on the Edge: Sara Ivanhoe - Sunrise 57:09
Yoga on the Edge: Sara Ivanhoe - High Noon 37:17
Yoga on the Edge: Sara Ivanhoe - Sunset 27:09
Total Time 2:03:19

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