Think Equals Thin.

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Sandy Weaver Carman

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Trouble losing weight? Listen up - yes, you can, and it's easy!
  • Easy to follow, easy to use, and easy to lose - weight, that is!
  • Affirmations specially designed to help you succeed at last.
  • Inexpensive, and it really works!

Think your way thin…can you really do that?

Yes, once you learn the easy, intuitive weight control methods
in this audio book!

With "Think Equals Thin," you’ll learn how to eat more often, eat the foods you like, (within reason, of course…no one can lose weight on a pizza, fried chicken and beer diet!!) add exercise to your day almost effortlessly, stop sabotoging yourself, to set goals, and the importance of rewarding your success.

Plus, to help you succeed not just with weight loss but in other aspects of your life, too, there’s an entire section of affirmations designed to support you during weight loss and beyond, helping you to have a more positive outlook on your body and yourself.

A perfect way for kids and teens to learn to manage their
own weight…this program makes picking the right foods fun!

Get Think Equals Thin

It could just be the last weight-loss product or program you EVER need!

What People Are Saying:

"Easy to understand and follow...and it really works!" Anne M., Marietta, GA

"The program is more than just common sense - it's uncommon fun, coupled with easy, great helpful hints, tricks and tips. Thanks, Sandy, for helping me towards my goals!" Elenor S., Peachtree City, GA

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
Think Equals Thin 32:51
Total Time 32:51

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