Emotional Health Labels.

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Emotional Explosions
  • Drowning in Emotions
  • I feel so tough have no emotions

Emotional Wellness is: * Increased awareness of one's emotions * Acknowledge conflict as being potentially healthy * Being able to express feelings freely and manage feelings effectively * Being aware of personal limitations and the value of seeking interpersonal support and assistance * Being able to form interdependent relationships based upon mutual commitment, trust and respect * Being self-aware and self-accepting while remaining flexible and open to personal development * Being aware of and accepting a wide range of thoughts and feelings in themselves and others * Being able to manage feelings effectively to arrive at personal choices or decisions based upon the integration of feelings, cognition and behavior * Being able to maintain a generally positive approach to life that is rooted in one's sense of personal responsibility for, and ability to manage, one's life in personally fulfilling ways * Emotional Wellness is one of the interconnected eight dimensions of wellness * Components of good Emotional Wellness: o The degree one feels positive and enthusiastic about self and life o The realistic assessment of one's limitations o The development of autonomy o The ability to cope with and manage stress o Optimism o Self-confidence o Laughter o Outwardly expressing personal feelings o Satisfying relationships o Happiness

An emotionally well person is be able to enjoy the life and be successful. Emotional wellness is not an end stage but a continual process of change and growth.

Shahin Jedian Certified Hypnotherapist

What People Are Saying:

"Shahin Jedian has been gifted with this ability to rapidly zoom in to a person's potential and awaken a picture of your ultimate self, in a tangible down to earth fashion. " Shiva Mehrannia

"When I first met Shahin, I just could not believe that he was for real. Shahin helped me to take all my broken pieces into the light. He helped me to see myself for who I was, broken but, unique and special. He helped me to see how my creator see's me. ..." Toni Christensen

" “Shahin has a special gift to see through people, and create a picture of your ideal self and help you get there.” " Kavoos Farnoush

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