Peace Beyond Words (Complete Set).


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Peace Beyond Words is Paul Baker's original collection of music inspired by The Daily Motivator. The 15 original instrumental selections were all specially composed to accompany the visual presentations on The Daily Motivator website. If you've viewed the Right Now or The Wonder of It All presentations on the site, you've heard a couple of the songs from this collection.

This music is intended to bring calm, positive energy to whatever you're doing. It can be a great accompaniment while working, reading, driving, dining, or during times of prayer, meditation and contemplation. Many listeners have found that the music helps them to maintain focus and stimulates creativity without being distracting.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs15


Program Title Duration
Peace Beyond Words (01): Be Still 05:49
Peace Beyond Words (02): The Time is Now 03:41
Peace Beyond Words (03): Anegada 03:37
Peace Beyond Words (04): Climbing Ever Higher 03:27
Peace Beyond Words (05): Rain in the Cedars 03:21
Peace Beyond Words (06): Marble Falls Sunset 04:12
Peace Beyond Words (07): Still Glistening Ice 03:15
Peace Beyond Words (08): Shimmering Harbor 03:44
Peace Beyond Words (09): Quelle 03:08
Peace Beyond Words (10): Golden Day 04:04
Peace Beyond Words (11): Journey Out 03:38
Peace Beyond Words (12): Sierra Oaks 03:14
Peace Beyond Words (13): Beam Reach 03:47
Peace Beyond Words (14): Fresh Perspective 03:11
Peace Beyond Words (15): Miracle Every Day 03:31
Total Time 55:39

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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