Journey of the Spirit.


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Experience this musical journey that will gently take you to a place of positive, peaceful contemplation and profound awareness. From its inception, Journey of the Spirit has been designed to provide a calm, yet compelling accompaniment to times of meditation, prayer, deep relaxation, yoga, reading, contemplation, massage therapy, or even focused creative pursuits. It is much more than merely background music, and yet it will not intrude into your thoughts so much as intensify their purpose and connect them to your spirit.

This is Paul Baker's third collection of original instrumental music for The Daily Motivator. Each morning, people all over the world begin the day listening to music Paul has created to accompany the motivational messages written by Ralph Marston. In Journey of the Spirit, Paul has truly moved into new, magnificent territory with his own unique style and spirit.

Whereas the selections on Paul's first two albums were originally created for use online, with shorter compositions, Journey of the Spirit features longer, more free-flowing pieces totaling more than an hour of music. The result is that it gives you ample opportunity to fully settle into the music so that it brings you a profound, peaceful awareness.

To fully experience the beauty and peaceful power of this collection, we recommend that you listen to all the tracks in the order they are presented, all the way through from beginning to end. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time, because once you start listening to the music you won't want to leave it.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Journey of the Spirit (01): The Next Horizon 06:05
Journey of the Spirit (02): Peaceful Awakening 06:30
Journey of the Spirit (03): Ancient and New 06:16
Journey of the Spirit (04): Lunar Stillness 06:31
Journey of the Spirit (05): Incantation and Ascension 06:42
Journey of the Spirit (06): On the Waves of Imagination 06:11
Journey of the Spirit (07): Sea of Dreams 06:43
Journey of the Spirit (08): Northern Lights 06:38
Journey of the Spirit (09): Going Home 06:30
Journey of the Spirit (10): As the Angels Gather 06:30
Total Time 1:04:36

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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