Reason and Religion: A Philosophy Talk Five-Pack.

Product Image: Reason and Religion: A Philosophy Talk Five-Pack

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5 thought-provoking programs for the price of 4!

Can an intelligent, reflective, scientifically literate person Century still believe in God in the 21st Century?  Or has the advance of science undermined the very possibility of faith and religious belief?  Is there a ways for reason and faith to peacefully coexist or even to complement each other?  We invited some of the world’s top philosophers to discuss the importance of reason, the value of religion, and their connections to truth, goodness, and God.

Programs in this Five-Pack:

Has Science Replaced Religion?
The Concept of God
The Existence of God
The Problem of Evil
Faith, Reason, and Science

With exclusive new commentary previewing each program!

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Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs6


Program Title Duration
Reason and Religion (01): Introduction 00:29
Reason and Religion (02): Has Science Replaced Religion? 49:56
Reason and Religion (03): The Concept of God 49:06
Reason and Religion (04): The Existence of God 49:20
Reason and Religion (05): The Problem of Evil 48:46
Reason and Religion (06): Faith, Reason, and Science 49:01
Total Time 4:06:38

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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