Phil Ross' S.A.V.E: Survive A Violent Environment.

Product Image: Phil Ross' S.A.V.E: Survive A Violent Environment

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Develop an Instantaneous Response When Attacked!

Phil Ross's Ultimate Self Defense Workout Level 1: Survive a Violent Environment is the beginning level in the self defense workout series created and developed by Hall of Fame Martial Artist and Fitness Professional Master Philip G. Ross, BGS, CPT, MMA.

This unique workout has been designed to develop the skills necessary for Self Defense. By following the guidelines and practicing with this instructional workout video the practitioner will enhance the skills as learned through taking the course or as an adjunct to their current Martial Arts training program. The basic level skills included in the program are necessary for fitness and for survival in a violent environment. One needs to be physically fit, have developed muscle memory, and possess knowledge of practical defensive tactics in order to effectively defend oneself, if attacked. This program addresses all of the aforementioned. Once this has been accomplished, "IT" (Instinctive Technique) has been developed. Once "IT" takes over, thought is removed from the process and the potential victim reacts to the external stimuli instinctively. This beginner level workout includes an introduction and warm up followed by instruction on strikes, kicks, blocks, footwork, grappling, and self-defense.

Master Ross has been victorious in over 300 fights. He was a National Amateur Kickboxing Champion an eight time NJ State Gold Medalist, a Greco Roman Wrestling National silver medalist, member of three Martial Arts Halls of Fame and has trained his students to hundreds of championship titles. In addition to his own students, Master Ross has instructed the Federal Marshals, Numerous Police Agencies as well as Private Security Forces. In addition to the marital arts and self defense application, Master Ross is a certified personal trainer and a celebrated fitness enthusiast. The S.A.V.E Self Defense Workout Program was bred from his wealth of experience.

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Media TypeVideo
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Program Title Duration
S.A.V.E: Survive A Violent Environment 51:19
Total Time 51:19

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