Phil Hellmuth's Limit Poker: Black Belt Course.

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- For the first time, the world's greatest Texas Hold 'Em player gives you the biggest, baddest course in the history of the game
- Invest a little today to get massive profits for the rest of your poker playing life

Phil Hellmuth, the greatest Texas Hold 'Em player in history, will make you a consistent winner by bringing you powerful poker instruction in a way never done before: directly to your iPod, laptop, or portable media device. You will get 46 video downloads of Phil's teachings.

Phil's teachings focus primarily on Limit Hold 'Em techniques, but many skills can be applied to other games.


What People are Saying:

"I have never been so impressed by a teaching program for the game I love." Doyle Brunson - Ten Time World Series of Poker Champion

"Phil Hellmuth's new White to Black course is fantastic!" Johnny Chan - Ten Time World Series of Poker Champion

"Phil has surpassed himself, offering us the Ultimate White to Black Belt Poker Course. Relax in the bath as Phil's dulcet tones gently coach you towards poker awesomeness. Listen as you sleep and in the morning you will wake up a "black belt" - probably. 46 downloads, plus a live "tele-seminar" with Sensei Phil." Bluff Magazine, Jan 2007


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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs63
FormatMP4, MP3


Program Title Duration
White Belt Lesson 1 - Resources 03:53
White Belt Lesson 2 - Raking the Tube 02:12
White Belt Lesson 3 - Basic Hold 'Em Rules 06:29
White Belt Lesson 4 - Poker Etiquette 05:13
White Belt Lesson 5 - Diagnosing Animals 06:04
White Belt Lesson 6 - Patience Is A Weapon 03:26
White Belt Lesson 7 - Playing Ace - King 05:30
White Belt Lesson 8 05:34
White Belt Lesson 9 04:40
White Belt Quiz 00:10
Yellow Belt Lesson 1 - Super Top 10 Hand, Tight, Baby 03:34
Yellow Belt Lesson 2 - On the Flop Aggression 02:58
Yellow Belt Lesson 3 - Calls On the River 04:08
Yellow Belt Lesson 4 - Pot Odds 03:05
Yellow Belt Lesson 5 - Jam It Up! 02:43
Yellow Belt Lesson 6 04:53
Yellow Belt Quiz 00:10
Orange Belt Lesson 1 - Majority Play Hands 06:05
Orange Belt Lesson 2 - Playing Small Pairs 04:24
Orange Belt Lesson 3 - Jam Or Slow Play 04:49
Orange Belt Lesson 4 09:02
Orange Belt Quiz 00:10
Blue Belt Lesson 1 03:38
Blue Belt Lesson 2 02:59
Blue Belt Lesson 3 11:18
Blue Belt Lesson 4 04:53
Blue Belt Quiz 00:10
Purple Belt Lesson 1 - Stealing the Blinds Redux 03:42
Purple Belt Lesson 2 - Big Hand Strategy 04:33
Purple Belt Lesson 3 05:10
Purple Belt Lesson 4 09:08
Purple Belt Lesson 5 11:17
Purple Belt Quiz 00:10
Brown Belt - Final Table Theory 04:40
Brown Belt - 4 Handed & 3 Handed 04:00
Brown Belt 3 03:37
Brown Belt 4 03:45
Brown Belt 5 06:04
Brown Belt 2nd Degree/Level 2 - Survive & Thrive 03:41
Brown Belt Quiz 00:10
Black Belt 1st Degree - Heads Up Theory 07:27
Black Belt 2nd Degree - Don't Settle 03:06
Black Belt 3rd Degree - Money Management 06:04
Black Belt 4th Degree - Reading Opponents 06:39
Black Belt 5th Degree - Deception: False Tells 05:58
Black Belt 6th Degree - Study Tape 05:06
Black Belt 7th Degree - Investing Windfalls 08:50
Black Belt 8th Degree - Shoot High 07:11
Black Belt 9th Degree - Lifetime Money Management 09:56
Black Belt 10th Degree - The Perfect Read Strategy 05:05
Black Belt Quiz 00:10
White To Black Belt Quiz 00:10
Ultimate Guide To Vegas: Where to Stay, Where to Play, Where to Buffet 06:40
Bonus Blast 1 - The Sundance Kid 11:18
Bonus Blast 3 - Heads Up! 11:18
Bonus Blast - Extra Sensory Perception (ESP Poker) 09:03
Bonus Blast - The False Tell 04:50
Bonus Blast 2 - One More Card 04:40
Bonus Blast 1 - The Big Game 05:32
Bonus Blast 2 - Making A Stand 04:52
Bonus Blast 1 - Mile High Stakes Poker 05:09
Bonus Blast 2 - Monte Carlo Millions 09:06
Bonus Blast - The Gutshot Club 06:03
Total Time 5:16:20

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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