Blue Belt Poker Course.

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  • Pop the maniacs on the River and grind out big poker profits
  • Pressure opponents into folding superior hands
  • Utilize position optimally to assure poker wins

Start learning today by downloading the Blue Belt Poker Course for only $19.95

It is time to refine your poker savvy. What will you do when a player attempts to steal your blind money? How should you handle the 6-7 of hearts from late position? These are the decisions that separate the losing players from the money-making ones. Achieve Blue Belt status today!

Phil's teachings focus primarily on Limit Hold 'Em techniques, but many skills can be applied to other games.

Download the Blue Belt course now and receive two BONUS Blasts with information on keys to powerful poker: Head's Up Play and False Tells AND two BONUS Blasts highlighting the Sundance Poker Festival and insights on Making a Stand.

Assure winning & save by downloading the complete course! With the complete course you get the following:

- Receive all 10 of the bonus blasts, extra invaluable poker knowledge to get you inside the mind of the greats
- A BONUS Hellmuth download, "Phil's Ultimate Guide to Vegas: Where to Stay, Where to Play, Where to Buffet"
- Download the complete course and save $50 over the price of each item purchased individually


- Media Type: Video
- Number of Programs: 4 + 1 bonus quiz
- Total Running Time: 22 min

What The Experts Are Saying:

"In all my years at the table, I have never been so impressed by a teaching program for the game I love. iPod, laptop, cell phones? Watch out world. What can I say? Man, this course is out of this world. Phil proves once and for all, chip size does matter!" Doyle Brunson -- Ten Time World Series of Poker Champ

"Phil Hellmuth's new White to Black Belt course is fantastic! Finally a course created that you can literally take down to the tournament table and play on your iPod. Genius!" Johnny Chan -- Ten Time World Series of Poker Champ

"Phil Hellmuth's new White to Black Poker Course is the biggest, baddest poker course on the market. The insider lessons that Hellmuth teaches prove once and for all that he is a master at the top of his game. You wanna make more money at the table? Download Phil." Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari -- World Series of Poker Champ

"For the serious Texas Hold 'Em player or those who want to get serious, download 'Phil Hellmuth's Ultimate White to Black Poker Course'. Phil is a genius, his ability to read others, to adapt, to use statistics and the previous actions of others to predict future behavior is without equal. He has achieved the almost impossible and he gets better with each year. He is the Tiger Woods of poker, bar none." Joe Navarro - FBI interrogator, Spy Catcher, and world-renown authority on poker tells and 'non-verbal behavior'

"This is it. Not only does Phil teach us how to play the cards like a professional poker player, he guides us into thinking like a pro. He taps into the true psychology of the game that is the real key to ultimate success. You will absolutely become a better poker player by absorbing Phil's insights." John "The Poker Counselor" Carlisle, Nationally Certified Psychotherapy Counselor and well-published author in the field of poker psychology

"Phil has surpassed himself, offering us the Ultimate White to Black Belt Poker Course. Relax in the bath as Phil's dulcet tones gently coach you towards poker awesomeness. Listen as you sleep and in the morning you will wake up a "black belt" - probably. 50 downloads, plus a live "tele-seminar" with Sensei Phil." Bluff Magazine, Jan 2007

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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs7
FormatMP4, MP3


Program Title Duration
Blue Belt Lesson 1 03:38
Blue Belt Lesson 2 02:59
Blue Belt Lesson 3 11:18
Blue Belt Lesson 4 04:53
Bonus Blast 1 - The Sundance Kid 11:18
Bonus Blast 2 - Making A Stand 04:52
Blue Belt Quiz 00:10
Total Time 39:08

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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