Taking The Problem Out of Bedtime.

Product Image: Taking The Problem Out of Bedtime

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One To Grow On! Kids Audio Stories - Children love the story and parents love the message
  • Award Winning KidsAudio Stories for Bedtime and Travel
  • Highly dramatized stories embellished with music and sound effects
  • Stories that empower children self-esteem and ideals that will provide them the tools they need to cope and thrive.

Taking the Problem Out of Bedtime

Cody the Caterpillar finds the joys of a good night’s sleep


Cody Caterpillar is terribly afraid he might miss something and simply hates going to bed.  When at last Cody learns the value of changing his behavior, a transformation takes place that makes this story a truly magical experience.

Story Themes:

Prioritizing and changing behavior to succeed in life

Why whining doesn’t work

Getting up early has it benefits


What People Are Saying:

"Finally a story that echos what we have been attempting to tell our 5 year old twins at bedtime! Thanks for the support. " Patty and Dave

"My son has enjoyed “Cody Caterpillar Turns Over a New Leaf” for several years now unfortunately the recording is damaged and still wants to hear Cody. Dustin is not the “average 15 year old. His birthday was yesterday, but mentally he will never match ..." C Akers

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
Taking Problem Out Bedtime 16:59
Total Time 16:59

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