The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell.

Product Image: The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell

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The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell had a unique gift for helping us see deep meaning in our everyday struggles. Through his passion and wisdom we can see our lives as part of a vast continuum that connects us with all of humanity. As David Kudler puts it, Campbell taught us "to look up and say, 'This is part of something larger. I'm doing this for something that is important to me and to the people around me.''"

This eight-part series chronicles Campbell's diverse theories about how mythology can act as a prism through which we can view the world around us. Through sources, ranging from "primitive" mythology to creation stories put forth in the Book of Genesis, Campbell teaches us to heed the "call of the Hero" and follow our heart's longing. His "essential drift" is that behind our apparent separateness, there is a fundamental unity connecting all of humanity.

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Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs8


Program Title Duration
Jonathan Young David Kudler: Joseph Campbell: A Hero For All Seasons 56:49
The Mythic Journey and In Pursuit of Mystery 55:02
Following Your Bliss and Adventures in Myth 56:38
The Universal Mystery 27:28
A Sense of Wonder and Mythic Horizons 57:01
The Pathless Path and The Eternal Quest 56:32
The Divine Dance and Gateways to Myth 55:41
The Roots of Myth and The Heart of Myth 55:35
Total Time 7:00:46

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