Conversation and Creativity with Juanita Brown.

Product Image: Conversation and Creativity with Juanita Brown

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Conversation and Creativity with Juanita Brown

In our modern age, people are obsessed with labels. And with these labels come allegiances, as well as rivalries. If I am labeled a liberal and you are labeled a conservative, when we come together we are expected to clash. But is it possible that at our core we hold the same basic values?

Juanita Brown and David Isaacs have created a space in our cultural discourse, where people can feel comfortable coming together and discussing questions that matter. They call it the World Cafe.

As journalist Leif Utne explains, the idea is "an invitation to everybody to let their guard down and create a meeting ground where you don't have to agree with people. You just have to allow space to be heard and to listen to people like you and people not like you." The result is a meeting of minds and a discovery of new ways of thinking that can "reenergize people's passion for the dream that shaped this country."

In this two-part series, Juanita Brown enters into dialogue with David Issacs, Leif Utne and Robert Brown to discuss the fundamental principles of collective dialogue. Whether you are dealing with questions in your organization, community, church or school, the World Cafe method is a doorway to deeper understanding and creativity. By using some basic principles, the nature and quality of conversation will lead to collective intelligence.

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Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
Juanita Brown & David Isaacs: Collective Creating Through Conversations 56:45
Vicki Robin, Juanita Brown, Leif Utne: Circles, Conversation And Community 56:49
Total Time 1:53:34

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