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Wake Up Motivated to Workout with Former Broadway Star and Personal Trainer, Robin (Boudreau) Palmer
  • Patented, 5-Minute Morning Motivating Messages
  • Messages Include Gentle Guided Stretches in Bed, Fitness Tips of the Day,
  • Music to Get Dressed By and a Standing Ovation!

My Workout Wake Up Call® Motivational Alarm Clock Messages 

Wake up positively motivated to workout each morning with former Broadway Star and Personal Trainer, Robin (Boudreau) Palmer. Wake up your body each morning with gentle guided stretches in bed, exercise tips of the day, music to get dressed by and a standing ovation! (Also available in Spanish)

My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages are patented, 5-minute motivating messages which wake you up positively, instead of an annoying buzzer or the alarming news on the radio, like, “Someone got murdered, now get out there and prosper!”

Research shows that your mindset when you first wake up sets the tone for the rest of your day.  My Wake UP Call wakes you up positively focused on achieving your goals, first thing in the morning, when it matters the most.

My Wake UP Call has partnered with well-known wellness and motivational experts like Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, Dr. Judith Orloff, Victoria Moran, Mary Morrissey, Sharon Lechter and others to create each month of messages. Choose from 14 product lines including messages to help you to wake up and work out, lose weight for life, to messages for financial freedom, wellness, or waking up to love in your life! Customers report that My Wake UP Call has changed their lives and that they also listen to messages throughout the day, anytime they need a boost.

Each month of messages is downloadable for your iPhone/Smartphone or iPod, or on CDs, or is included Free with My Wake UP Call iPod or CD Alarm Clocks at MyWakeUpCalls.net. Messages can also be played with My Wake UP Call FREE iPhone App on iTunes.  

 Maria Shriver recently gave My Wake UP Call Motivational Alarm Clocks to all 165 VIPs at The Women’s Conference, including Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. My Wake UP Call has also been featured in SHAPE, SELF, Oxygen, Woman’s World, on NBC TV and Fox TV.

My Wake UP Call® is Patented.  My Wake UP Call® and Motivational Alarm Clock® are registered trademarks of My Successables, Inc. ©2011 My Successables, Inc. All rights reserved.

 Former Broadway Star Helps People to Start Every Day Positively:

Robin (Boudreau) Palmer performed leading roles in Broadway Musicals for fifteen years, including Linda Ronstadt’s sister in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE with Kevin Kline, co-starring with David Cassidy in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, and singing Memory in CATS in the Broadway National Tour.  

Robin’s passion for fitness led her to becoming a top personal trainer in NYC. A few years ago, she moved across the country to CA, got married and took a desk job. She kept wishing for an affordable personal trainer to positively motivate her to wake up and work out in the morning, before her daily schedule started. Necessity is the mother of invention!”

What People Are Saying:

"Not a Morning Person... I am NOT a morning person at all. I tried other alarms all types of sounds, recorded voices, yelling & music to wake me up but always slept through them. This works great since it's a pleasant voice with a great motivational ... " PKcagirl

"It is the only way to wake up every morning. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!! This alarm clock is great! It is the only way to wake up every morning. I feel motivated and energized from the moment I open my eyes. I am so grateful for this amazing ..." Caryn M.

"Simple, Easy and Motivating! The library of available alarms is great! When I read or hear a motivational quote/phrase I tend to forget it as time passes. I can now reassure continual motivation! " Fabzzo

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs15


Program Title Duration
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.1 07:46
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-Motivational_Alarm_Clock_Messages 2:11:29
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.2 08:03
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.4 08:34
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.5 09:00
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.6 09:16
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.7 08:17
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.8 08:12
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m.9 09:37
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m10 09:17
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m11 06:39
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m12 07:29
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m13 06:34
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m14 08:29
My_Workout_Wake_UP_Call-m15 08:43
Total Time 4:07:25

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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