Dimensions of the Agape Community.

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How the Agape Community's work can transform your life

- The Hospital
- The Hospice
- Birthing Field
- Intentional Community

What do these four terms mean to you and what kind of difference can they make in your spiritual life? Agape's mission is to be philanthropic, inspirational, and transformational. Put that vision to work in your own life.

Most of us do not realize that as we move closer to our true self through our spiritual practice, we gain the power of experiencing and showing unconditional love. Learn how each of these four dimensions can be discovered in your own life, and how to make your daily life contribute more toward God's work.

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What People Are Saying:

"I am so happy to have found this on-line community. I live in Tulsa, OK, so attending Michael's services isn't a weekly option. But I kept checking the website, looking for audio content I could listen to and/or purchase, just so I could listen to Michael's voice. It seems to me that there is something in the timber of his voice that goes straight to my heart, and I GET the principles he's talking about... I am also thrilled to be in touch with other people dedicated to seeking enlightenment and a growing community of acceptance and love." GeorgiesMommie

"The thing about community is that it does allow us to see ourselves and the many ways in which we are in the process of waking up. Life is a mirror and the mirror is clear when you look with open eyes. I have found the best place to put into practice the spiritual thoughts I am coming to understand is within my church community. Accepting all people as they are. Loving all people as they are. Forgiving and extending compassion. This is what life is about, and this is what I am called to be within my spiritual community." J. Rowden

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4 Dimensions of the Agape Community 33:31
Total Time 33:31

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