J.K.D. Complete Body Weapon Series.

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Train Like Bruce Lee!

Master Wong's JKD Body Weapon is based on the teachings of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee's ideas where like any useful facet of martial art - simple. Master Wong's JKD Body Weapon is the culmination of all his training that teaches you to turn your body into a lethal weapon, Body Weapon can be defined simply but truthfully as 'What I touch, I break!'. Master Wong will show you directly through each of the fundamental aspects of the JKD system in detail, illustrating multiple areas including Weapons, Ground Fight, Locking, Spike Training and many, many more. Presentation and teaching have been optimized through the use of high-level production techniques, whilst live action and in-depth explanation have been combined to bring you an essential understanding of Master Wong's unique JKD System.

The Master Wong System comprises a handful of major Chinese martial art systems in their rarest form -- REAL. We teach pure skills that are effective and straight to the point for which they where created. This simple idea is invaluable in life as it strengthens an individual both mentally and physically, as well as starting a student on the road to adapting this skill to any part of their lives. Through self discipline anyone with the will and determination to become proficient in learning is capable of utilising what The Master Wong System has to offer.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs12


Program Title Duration
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 1 - Basic Hand Work 28:35
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 2 - Basic Kick Skills 28:09
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 3 - Basic Energy Drill 28:36
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 4 - Straight Blast Work 28:17
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 5 - Basic Spike Work 29:38
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 6 - Hand Stick Work 31:28
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 7 - Basic Gun Skills 29:37
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 8 - Basic Ground Fight 28:32
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 9 - Tai Chi Combat 28:59
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 10 - Basic Lock Hold 28:15
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 11 - Basic Knife Training 27:26
J.K.D. Body Weapon: Episode 12 - Basic Stick Training 30:29
Total Time 5:48:01

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