Less Stress AFTER Surgery - 3rd. in Series - Healing Companion Meditation Plus FREE Guide!.

Product Image: Less Stress AFTER Surgery - 3rd. in Series - Healing Companion Meditation Plus FREE Guide!

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Speed Your Healing AFTER Surgery and Receive Your "Prepare For Surgery Guide" Absolutely FREE!
  • Create and Maintain a Stronger Immune System to Reduce Infections
  • Turn Down the Dial on Post Surgical Pain
  • Sit a While with Your Guardian Angel and Experience Faster Healing

Less Stress After Surgery is the third audio in a three-part companion series that is designed to help you through the different and often difficult phases of having surgery.

(You can purchase each companion separately or download the complete series HERE!)

Take a journey into the realm of your guardian angels with Less Stress After Surgery.

Sitting beneath an old oak shade tree by a crystal-clear lake, you will meet your guardian angel who will assist with healing and recovery after surgery.  Reduce, even eliminate, post surgical pain without the need for additional pain medications that can have dangerous side effects.

Often after surgery, patients experience an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep because they are uncomfortable or uneasy about their recovery.  Let Less Stress After Surgery guide you into a peaceful restful sleep so your body can heal.

Listening to Less Stress After Surgery can bolster your immunity which in turn can help you fight off infections and increase your rate of healing and recovery.

Sources such as:

  • Yale University - School of Medicine
  • the renowned Cleveland Clinic
  • the American Psychological Association and others...

all support the benefits of listening to music, guided imagery and positive affirmations before, during and after surgery.

Don't Wait!  Download Less Stress After Surgery Today and a head start your recovery.

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on iAmplify
Less Stress BEFORE Surgery Healing Audio Companion
Less Stress DURING Surgery Healing Audio Companion

SAVE $$ ~ Download
All Three Audios Now!!

Less Stress Surgery ~ Complete Healing Audio
Surgery Companion Series

Companion Set Includes: Less Stress
~ Before, During and After Surgery ~

----->> Each Audio Series comes with a Free Copy of <<-----
"Your Guide to Less Stressful Surgery"
OR you can download it separately Right Here!

HERE'S WHAT'S INCLUDED IN "Your Guide to Less Stressful Surgery".  An information packed, step-by-step set of instructions and checklists on how you can best prepare for your surgery. It covers issues like:

  • How to prepare mentally for surgery
  • How to work effectively with your doctors and surgeons
  • What questions to ask your doctors or surgeons
  • Preparing your home for your return from the hospital or out-patient center
  • Financial and insurance concerns
  • Understanding pain and the role it has in the healing process
  • Checklists for getting prepared for surgery and your recovery so you can stay organized (even includes an Angel Log ~ Flowers, Cards and Gift Log and so much more)

And Remember:  Any of These Healing Companion Audios ~ Combined With Your FREE Guide ~ Makes Such a Wonderful Get Well Gift for Someone You Love!

What People Are Saying:

"Thanks so much for the guided imagery and the positive affirmations. I am very happy with the recordings. I thought surgery was going to be such a challenge but listening to the recordings helped keep it manageable. " David Bailey ~ Akron, Ohio

"Simply beautiful! Thank you so much for such wonderful recordings. They were a God-send throughout my surgery and recovery. I was scared but your audios really were my healing companions. Thanks for being there with me. " Carol M. - Michigan

"I downloaded your audios and gave them as a get well gift to my Dad before he had back surgery. My Dad loved it! I felt like I had really given him something special! Wonderf " Tara Walker - Kentucky

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Program Title Duration
Less Stress AFTER Surgery - Your Healing Companion 23:10
Total Time 23:10

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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