AMPLIFY: Your Pilates Practice with Mari Winsor!.

Product Image: AMPLIFY: Your Pilates Practice with Mari Winsor!

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Buy now and get more than five hours of personal training!

- Learn the fundamentals of a super-effective Pilates practice
- Re-shape your abs, strengthen your core, and improve your posture
- Get 12 weekly downloads for only $29.95!

Mari Winsor, America's pilates instructor to the stars, has been teaching in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. Now you can enjoy the benefits of her personal training in your own workout space. Each week for 12 weeks, you will receive a new download from Mari, developing a healthy practice that fits into your schedule. Just wait until you see the difference 3 months can make!

Your Download Schedule:

- Week 1: Pilates Basics
- Week 2: 10 Minute Abs
- Week 3: Total Body Tone-Up
- Week 4: 20 Minute Buns and Thighs Makeover
- Week 5: Powerhouse Pilates
- Week 6: 20 Minute Abs Challenge
- Week 7: Big Results Pilates
- Week 8: Body Sculpt Plus
- Week 9: Dynamic Sequencing
- Week 10: 30 Minute Abs Challenge
- Week 11: 30 Minute Buns and Thighs Makeover
- Week 12: Powerful Pilates

Product Information:

- Program Level: Beginner to Advanced
- Target Areas: Total Body, Cardiovascular System, Flexibility
- Comes with photographs to show you the postures

What People Are Saying About Winsor Pilates:

"I've been going to Mari Winsor's studio for over three years, and it's changed my body and my life." Daisy Fuentes, actress and model

"With Winsor Pilates, I have lost over 43 pounds. I've gone from a size 12 down to a 4, which I have never been in my whole life. I have definition in my abs for the first time. My stomach is completely flat. My butt is small now and it's lifted... It's one of the best things you'll do for yourself." Vanessa Bowman

"With Winsor Pilates, I lost a total of 27 pounds. I lost 5 inches off my hips and butt, 3 inches off my waist, 2 inches off each thigh. It totally sculpts your body." Brook Weeks

Other Exciting Pilates Programs from Mari Winsor:

- Power Walking and Core Sculpt only $5.95.
- Power Walking Subscription: a 12-week subscription for only $29.95.
- Winsor Pilates Subscription: a 12-week subscription for only $29.95.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs12


Program Title Duration
Pilates Basics 22:49
Mari Winsor's 10 Minute Abs Challenge 10:28
Winsor Pilates Basics Total Body Tone Up 21:15
Mari Winsor 20minute Buns and Thighs Makeover 20:27
Week 11-Powerhouse Pilates 41:41
Mari Winsor 20minute Ab Challenge 22:48
Week 13-Big Results Pilates 41:01
Week 5 Mari Body Sculpt Supreme Plus 34:23
Week 7 Mari Dynamic Sequencing Deluxe 30:44
Mari Winsor 30minute Ab Challenge 30:42
Mari Winsor 30minute Buns and Thighs Makeover 33:35
Week 9 Powerful Pilates 41:01
Total Time 5:50:54

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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