MARINA's High-nrg Fitness: Treadmill Package Volume 1.

Product Image: MARINA's High-nrg Fitness: Treadmill Package Volume 1

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  • Burn those calories with chart topping Recording Artist, MARINA!
  • Pop on those headphones and let MARINA's music, vocals & instructions pump your workout!
  • MARINA has lost 100 pounds and will get you into the best shape of your life while being musically charged!

Originally $29.95: Buy now and save $10!

This package of over 5 hours of Treadmill programs will keep you inspired and driven. All with original music lyrics and instruction by the 2005 People's Choice Award Winner for her Health & Fitness Podcasts, MARINA. This package includes 10 Treadmill programs good for all levels of fitness.


This Exciting Workout Includes:

MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Treadmill Workouts (average time is 30 min)

- Treadmill Program #1 - "Better Times Workin' On Out, NOW!" (music genre-dance pop) 132-142 bpm
- Treadmill Program #2 - "Ole! " (music genre-Latin dance) 116-140 bpm
- Treadmill Program #3 - " Don't Get Lost Along The Way!" (music genre-pop rock ) 160 bpm
- Treadmill Program #4 - "You Are Totally Fabu!"(music genre-dance) 132-137 bpm
- Treadmill Program #5 - "Gotta Move It!"-(music genre-dance) 136-138 bpm
- Treadmill Program #6 - " Together we go!"( music genre-Pop) 154-150 bpm
- Treadmill Program #7 - "Walk At The Mall!"(music genre-dance) 132-136 bpm
- Treadmill Program #8 - "Never Stop Movin'!"(music genre-pop dance) 136-156 bpm
- Treadmill Program #10 - "No Limits My Friend!"(music genre-pop) 135-142 bpm
- Treadmill Program #11 - "Shout it Out!"(music genre-dance pop) 136-140 bpm

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Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Treadmill Program #1 - Better Times Workin' On Out, NOW! 29:37
Treadmill Program #2 - Ole! 29:10
Treadmill Program #3 - Don't Get Lost Along the Way! 29:28
Treadmill Program #4 - You Are Totally Fabulous! 27:23
Treadmill Program #5 - Gotta Move It! 26:14
Treadmill Program #6 - Together We Go! 30:16
Treadmill Program #7 - Walk At the Mall! 29:55
Treadmill Program #8 - Never Stop Movin'! 30:29
Treadmill Program #10 - No Limits My Friend! 29:06
Treadmill Program #11 - Shout It Out! 24:47
Total Time 4:46:25

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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