Overcoming Obstacles: The Secret to Success.

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Kimberly Fowler's new download, Overcoming Obstacles:  The Secret to Success, offers people a deeper, more personal glimpse of the entrepreneur spearheading the increasingly popular blend of yoga and cross-training.  Filmed at the original YAS studio in Venice, CA, Kimberly's inspiritng and educational lecture serves as a guide for people needing to discover their own path to success.

Kimberly has overcome more than her share of obstacles - unbelieveably survigin brain cancer and a near-fatal rock-climbing accident - and she's never one to take the easy way out.  Overcoming Obstacles show sher courage-filled approach to tackling life's challenges head-on, and her burning desire to succeed, regardless of daunting odds or pessimistic naysayers, inspires people wishing to find their own success in life.

Kimberly really isn't one to preach.  The tagline for her sought-after yogic instruction proclaims:  'I'm Not Your Guru...You Are."  In addition to encouraging self-empowerment, she bass a large part of her YAS philosophy on three simple ideas that have as much to do with perserverance as perspiration.  To find successful results, Kimberly believes one must have focus, determination, and discipline.  With that in mind, she declares the most important element in achieving success is "You have to be willing to do the work."

With a perfectly sculpted physique and a peaceful, confident aura, she effectively personifies success.  In the 30-plus minute Overcoming Obstacles, five basic principles are outlined and discussed:  Just Jump, Power Focus, Dig Deep, Uncomfortable Zone, and Self-Belief.  Kimberly's philosophy behind "Just Jump" is her willingness to dive right in "and figure it out on the way done."  "Power Focus" defines effective goal-setting and "Dig Deep" encourages the audience to understand the importance of never giving up.  Similarly, the "Uncomfortable Zone" aspect of the DVD relates her own experience of "living in the uncomfortable zone." And "Self Belief" is just as it reads - unwavering belief in ones self.   Audience members pose follow-up questions in the videos concluding Q&A session, with Kimberly sharing her tales of survival and triump.

With words that speak tho this triumph, she tells her audience, "anything is possible if you believe in yourself."

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
Overcoming Obstacles: Main Program 17:58
Overcoming Obstacles: Q&A 20:01
Total Time 37:59

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