How to Lose Weight With Hypnosis.

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This Hypnosis CD is like having a weight loss coach in your own home.
  • Listening to this CD will change the way you look at what you put in your mouth.
  • Feeling good about yourself on the inside may give you the courage to change how you look on the outside.
  • Are you feeding your face or nourishing your soul should be a question for you to ask.

The Best Weight Loss Plan hypnotic CD is like having a healthy
dieting coach in your home with you.  Listen to these hypnotherapy
weight loss tips when you go to bed at night and watch the pounds
melt away as a result of your new healthy diet.  This hypnotic CD
changes the way you look at yourself and the way you look at what
you have been putting in your mouth.  Your new food habits will
nourish your soul and your body.  The hypnosis will help you love
your new body as you create it by changing a few simple things:
Understanding what motivates you and what pushes your buttons, as
well as giving you weight loss tips to avoid the eating traps. 
You will feel so much better about yourself that your self-respect
will soar and you will be happy to give yourself support and
encouragement instead of guilt and disappointment. You will be
surprised at how quick and easy your weight loss will be.

The tracks are laid down out of logical order.  After you listen to
the last track your player will simply shut off and you can either
go about your day or go into your normal sleep cycle.  The
pre-talk tells you what we are going to accomplish, the weight
management session implants the suggestions and the post-talk
tells you what we did, just in case you don't remember it.   Enjoy
the benefits! $30 download and $35 mail

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
What to expect 02:44
Get a handle pre talk2 25:15
Weight Loss Track 3 05:32
Weight Loss Track 4 25:24
Total Time 58:55

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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