Read Your Boss to Achieve Optimum Success.

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The Simple Truth Is The Manager Who Understands The Subtle Verbal And Non-Verbal Cues of His Or Her Colleagues Is 100% More Likely To Succeed. To Thrive In The Murky Waters Of The Workplace You’ll Need A Fool-Proof System For Decoding Human Behavior. Never Fear, The Solution You Need Is Right Here.

⎫    Effectively Deal With Passive Aggressive Behavior
⎫    Snuff Out The Flames Of Office Deception Before They Become A 5-Alarm Blaze
⎫    Gain The Respect You Deserve
⎫    Increase Staff Productivity By Understanding What Motivates Them
⎫    Speed-Read Your Colleagues For Success

What Would You Pay To Finally Get A Handle On Your Managerial Position?

Almost anything right?! Talk about being between a rock and a hard place! You’ve moved up the chain of command, but now the people below you are gunning for you and those above are waiting for you to slip up? And you’re supposed to have it all figured OUT?

What Would You Pay To Detect Subtle Hints From Your Boss And Your Employees?

Let’s face it reporting orders from the brass to your staff is not easy. Either they think you’re against them, or the bosses think you’re on the worker’s side. It can be treacherous, but there IS a way to manage - that cools heads, warms hearts, and pushes the work forward with ease.

When we set out to crack the secrets to owning and thriving in middle-management through reading your team and your boss, we set ourselves a tough challenge.  There are a lot of quacks out there teaching bogus stuff on how to motivate employees and increase productivity, but that bunk won’t cut it here.  We looked at the resumes of business gurus everywhere, but found that we needed an outsider with the insider information on what every BODY is saying in the workplace.

Enter former counter-intelligence FBI agent and proven spy catcher Joe Navarro. After 25 years creating a skill set to catch criminal masterminds, he got out of law enforcement to teach people the skills to master the workplace. Once Joe agreed to pull back the cloak on his scientific secrets,  he created a fool-proof system to become the best manager you can be. And Joe’s skills aren’t easy to come by. He’s busy consulting with CEO’s and Fortune 500’s most of the time, but we begged him to bring his unique tips to you and he agreed!

Never before has this type of exclusive information been yours for so little.  Now you can blow away the competition nipping at your heels and climb, climb, climb!
If you want to manage effectively you HAVE to know what people are thinking. You just do. You have to know when your labor force is overworked and stressed, when your bosses are feeling the pinch of the clients or investors. Without that skill, you’re fried.

That’s exactly why we created this proven system.

WARNING: This system contains sensitive and potent information that will have you reading the truth in those you hire, work with & work for.  The things you will learn will help you to manipulate and motivate with ease and guarantee your success.

You’re here because you know that you are worth more than your current perceived value in the market and you are a download away from acquiring the knowledge to gain and surpass your potential.  You don’t deserve anything but the best from your career. You’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get this managerial position and now it’s time to deliver.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop looking over your shoulder and turn every situation to your advantage.  Learn how to become a political animal and work the room like never before as every seemingly invisible move becomes transparently clear to you.  FBI agent Joe Navarro WILL show you how to do it.

Through Our Patent-Pending Technology You Won’t Have To Lug A Book Around To Become A Master Manager, You’ll Be Able to Bring These Tips with You To the Office On Your Laptop, Desktop or iPod…

When we sat down to devise THE ART OF INFLUENCE: MASTERING NON-VERBALS TO ACHIEVE OPTIMAL SUCCESS (MANAGER EDITION) we had one thing in mind: results.

You can take seminar after seminar and still not get in 4 hours what Joe can teach you in 15 minutes.

You could read book after book and still miss those hidden signals of stress and deception which could ruin your career.  Your time and your career are too precious to waste on false profit-makers.  Isn’t a time you included a counter-intelligence agent in your business arsenal?

This system will instill in you the methods SPY CATCHERS use to speed-read people. You will know immediately what the boss thinks of that memo you sent out, or if your employees really have the stamina to make that looming deadline. Because you don’t just manage PEOPLE, YOU manage expectations.

And how else can you manage expectations if you don’t know how both sides of your workforce are feeling?

The only person on the planet who can truly address this problem is Joe Navarro. He knows what it looks like when stress enters the body, he knows when people are lying, and can tell you exactly what to look for to decide whether it’s time to call a team meeting.

Stop Guessing & Start Knowing.  Every Day You Wait Is A Day Further From Your Goals.  Every Action You Take Here Is A Step Towards Your Business Salvation.
Here’s What You’ll Get:

Can you point out an “intention cue” and decipher its meaning?

Do you know what “blocking behaviors” look like and how they might ruin a potential deal?

If the answer is NO, then it’s time you went to school with proven spy catcher Joe Navarro. In this video system designed to make you the most effective manager on the planet, you’ll get the secrets to the little hints of nonverbal communication. You’ll learn exactly how to defuse a potentially disastrous situation between your co-workers, so that the drama doesn’t spill over at the board meeting. If you have trouble identifying a good hire from a bad one which could be the difference between a successful project launch or a failed one, let Joe work with you on the limbic brain and help hone your skills for reading every body to find out what they are saying and not.  Joe will also teach you how to project the confidence and authority to make people shut up and listen when something urgent comes up. After Joe’s lesson you’ll stop wondering if they respect you or if they’ve heard what you said, you’ll stop feeling adrift and start feeling like part of the team again. Wouldn’t it be nice to lead the charge and not be lead by the majority emotion?  Wouldn’t it be nice to take subconscious root of your team and drive them all to the finish line?  You can if you follow this system.

Stop Playing Monkey In The Middle, Start Managing With Grace Under Fire…

Order READ YOUR BOSS TO ACHIEVE OPTIMUM SUCCESS and bring the wisdom of effective leadership with you anywhere you go!

So there you have it. When we say we are going to deliver we mean business.  From the best in the field of non-verbals comes a proven system for unlimited success as a manager.

You can stop wondering right now if this will work. Joe’s success rate is unmatched & his pedigree unwavering – all you have to do is look at the thousands of lives he’s changed.

Not only will it work, it will completely transform your time at the office. You’ll diagnose every situation like a professional – and make the moves of a true leader.
You can decide right now that you want to manage with the best; you can decide that you aren’t just a middleman, you’re a indispensable to everyone. The answers are finally here.

So let’s all agree that this is the best system for you to get ahead, but does it fit your budget? We don’t want a system that could bulge your bank to literally break it in the process!

Normally business leaders and executives pay thousands of dollars to be taught by former special agent Joe Navarro, but for a limited time you can have this exclusive $79.99.  So is .20 cents a day worth it to you to turn your career around? If you have to think about it then you are not ready yet, but if you’ve made it this far, chances are you have what it takes.

Your transformation is a download away, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs9


Program Title Duration
Non-verbal Communication in the Workplace 17:48
The Perception of Others - We are Transmitting at all Times 13:46
How the Brain Relates to Non-verbal Behaviors 08:18
The Limbic System - An In-depth Examination 15:39
Comfort and Discomfort- Improving the Tone 14:15
Discomfort Displays 07:47
Reading the Human Body 24:13
Demonstrating Confidence 13:55
Detecting Deception 10:36
Total Time 2:06:17

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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