Read 'Em & Reap Poker Course with Joe Navarro.

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This is the poker course that even the pros have been clamoring to study!

"The first time I watched Joe Navarro speak, he had such amazing stuff that I took down three pages of notes! His new download course 'Read 'Em and Reap' delivers big time. Enroll now and you'll dodge bullets baby!" Phil Hellmuth - 11 time World Series of Poker Champion

"I cannot overstate this -- This poker course could literally revolutionize live action poker. This is the best, most complete guide of poker psychology that I have ever seen!" John "the Poker Counselor" Carlisle, MA, NCC, Writer in field of Poker Psychology

"I am using Joe Navarro's Read 'Em and Reap Poker Course to improve my game, play better and to become a winning player." JJ Liu The highest-ranked woman in CardPlayer Magazine's 2005 Player of the Year competition who has finished in the money in more than 40 major tournaments around the world, including nine more cash finishes at the WSOP - including two final tables.

- Win big money by studying the Spy Catcher's scientifically proven poker secrets
- For the first time, master skills to see inside your poker opponent's mind
- Detect the slightest hints of weakness & capitalize on them
- Uncover a poker bluff with supreme confidence & go "all in"

Read 'Em and Reap is the MUST-SEE poker course for 2007. FBI counterintelligence and counterterrorism agent Joe Navarro used his masterful skills of insight and intuition to catch spies and criminals for decades. In this unprecedented power poker course, he teaches you how to accurately use these secrets at the poker table to interpret cues based on scientific evidence, research, and Joe's own experience in the field. In addition, he will let you know how to posture yourself to be unreadable to even the savviest poker pro. Enroll today!

Product Information:

- Media Type: Video
- Number of Programs: 26
- Total Running Time: 1hr 28min
- Average Running Time Per Program: approx. 4 min
- Format: MP4

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs26


Program Title Duration
Poker: The Limbic Brain 05:50
Poker: The Limbic Brain - part 2 05:49
Poker: Freezing 03:26
Poker: Distancing 03:24
Poker: Decoding 03:26
Poker: Non Verbal Behavior In Context 02:34
Poker: Reactive Behavior 02:50
Poker: Baseline Behavior 02:28
Poker: Pacifying Behavior 07:41
Poker: Intention Cues 04:20
Poker: Engagement Cues 03:37
Poker: Poker Face 03:32
Poker Face - part 2 04:14
Poker: The Tongue Jut 02:19
Poker: Eyes 04:13
Poker: The Closed Mouth Exhale 01:45
Poker: Eye Blocking 01:49
Poker: The Neck 03:13
Poker: The Neck - Women 02:40
Poker: Steepling 02:26
Poker: Thumb Displays 03:08
Poker: High Confidence Tells 02:22
Poker: Low Confidence Tells 03:07
Poker: Furrowed Brow 01:43
Poker: Stress Management 02:51
Poker: Conceal NOT Reveal 04:22
Total Time 1:29:09

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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