Decode Your Date: For Her.

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Learn to read his signals to find your perfect match!

Former FBI spy catcher Joe Navarro shares his expertise in nonverbal communication and body language to help you unlock the secrets of attraction. In this video course download, you will:

- Become an expert in interpreting your date's nonverbal cues to find out what he's really thinking
- Gain confidence and master the art of communicating effectively with the opposite sex
- Discover what makes him tick and whether he's really the one for you!

Ever wonder what's going on inside that mind of his? Do you sit with your girlfriends analyzing the men in your lives, and asking questions like: Is he playing games with me? Is he going to call me, or should I call him? Is this relationship actually going anywhere? What the heck is he really thinking?

Women often find men's behavior mysterious, but Joe Navarro is a man who really gets it. With 25 years under his belt as a FBI spy catcher, this is a guy who knows how to interpret non-verbal signs. If he can crack foreign intelligence agents, imagine the effect he can have on your date!

Joe gives you practical strategies to:

- Understand chemical and symbolic communication
- Detect deception
- Decipher mixed signals
- Maintain lasting relationships

Get to the heart of the issue and download this exciting course, today!

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs12


Program Title Duration
Non-verbals of Dating - Preparing to be a Better Observer 11:10
Understanding Courtship - Physical Displays and Roles 15:04
The Language of Love - Understanding Symbolic Communication 14:58
Touch - Proximicx, Haptics and Harmony 15:34
The Sexual Brain - Understanding The Limbic System 12:51
Source of Attraction - Non-verbals and Our Sexual Being 16:23
Constructs of Beauty and Attraction - Enhancing Attractiveness 24:40
Boundaries and Maipulation 07:42
Chemical Binding - The Process of Attraction 19:04
The First Date 20:34
Mixed Signals 10:57
Understanding Men - What do Men Want 05:26
Total Time 2:54:23

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