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Is She Into You or Just Being Polite? Will Your Next Date Close In Success or Another Failure?  Does Your Co-Worker Even Know You’re Alive? If You’re Looking For A Proven System To Read Her Hidden Signals & Master The Art Of Body Language, Look No Further. The Answers Are Right Here.

•    Know When To Make A Move
•    Turn Every “Maybe” Into “Yes!”
•    Overcome That Painful Shyness
•    Gain Dating Confidence!
•    Never Be Embarrassed Again
•    Speed-Read Her
•    Let A Former FBI Agent Teach You How To Crack Your Date’s Code

What Would You Pay To Read Your Date’s Mind?

We know it sounds crazy, but what if you could predict how your date was going to end by understanding the mysteries of women?  You would pay a lot to know whether this date you’re on should go from casual drink to dinner at 8.  Think of the money you would save not wasting your time and dime on a date that’s gonna end in the loss column.  And think of the benefit of knowing that the hottie in front of you is hot for you?  There is no question that women are a mystery and it drives us all crazy and until now, there was no way to get inside your date’s body language and uncover what she is really thinking…

What If We Told You That Not Only Could You Know Whether Your Date Is Into You, But You Could Speed-Read Her Moves To Avoid Making A Fool Of Yourself?

The business of figuring out females has been around forever. It’s a BIG business with tons of gimmicks. The reason why? Because the fairer sex is hard to get a handle on and man do we want to get a handle them! But now, through this exclusive system you can finally KNOW her thoughts. I mean, if men are from Mars & women are from Venus, how on earth can we both start speaking the same language?

Well the wait is over. Because when we set out to decode the opposite sex and give you an edge on the competition out there, we looked for the best.  Not some dating expert, but a true master of human behavior to help us clumsy guys get to the bottom of the feminine mystique. After an exhaustive search we found that guy in former special agent Joe Navarro.  Joe was an FBI counter intelligence agent for 25 years and has been interrogating some of the most complicated minds on the planet and we finally convinced him to give up his non-verbal behavioral  secrets to help men better read the fairer sex.  This is not a joke.  We are serious.  For the first time ever, Joe Navarro is bringing his exclusive secrets to you!

WARNING: This is not a system about touchy feely feelings.  This is not a system about the stars or the cosmos.  Dr. Phil & Oprah cannot help you here.  This is a hardcore, scientific system in what bodies say to us that we should pick up, but don’t.  This system will literally blow your mind if you let it.  What you will gain from it is powerful stuff.  It will allow you to blow the lid off her cover and it will help guide you from a promising date to an even more promising result. When you’re finished with it, there won’t be much of a mystery anymore. You’ll know exactly what she’s thinking and your next date will be so much better for it.

If you think getting into the head of that special lady is hard, Joe’s been cracking the code on international masterminds and he’s got more than a few tricks up his sleeve to help you out. If you want to REALLY know for real what she’s thinking, Joe is the man to help you.

It’s time stop agonizing after those first dates, it’s time to stop wondering if she’s interested in someone else and start KNOWING what’s on her mind so you don’t miss your chance.

Through Our Patent-Pending Technology, You’ll Be Able To Bring Joe With You On That Important First Date On Your iPod To Read Her Every Move…

When we devised DECODE YOUR DATE: FOR HIM we wanted to focus on the quickest way to get you back in the driver’s seat with confidence. Also, remember, reading your date is only half the battle.  What about what your body is saying to her?  Are you showing winner or loser?  Stud or dork?  Let’s face it, it’s not just enough to know you’re a terrific guy. There are universal behavioral cues that can trigger repulsion or attraction in the opposite sex.  Do you know them?  Are you in control of what your body is telling her?  Would you like to be?  Joe will help you refine your rolodex of cues so that you can trigger that which you want and avoid the pitfalls of weak cues.

This system WILL work if you apply it, we’ve seen it. We’re not interested in bringing you a gimmick. We’re not interested in bringing you pick-up artist tips.
Women are such a mystery and all it takes is one missed signal to blow that connection with your soulmate.

Is it time to make a move? Is it the moment to ask her out? Or is it time to move on?

Until now these were just mysteries of the universe. Now the answers can be yours.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Joe Navarro doesn’t decode human behavior for just anyone. Most people pay big bucks to hear Joe talk about how to read the opposite sex, at his seminars. But we begged Joe to bring this video system to you, we begged him to share his secrets for decoding women. In this system you’ll learn how to be a true observer and a better listener which she will go CRAZY for.  You will focus on the language of love.  Yup, there is a language of symbolic communication that you must master to become a master of your love life.  Joe will break down the sexual brain and Limbic system and help rewire your brain and body to literally make you more attractive to her.  The first date will be analyzed, mixed signals will be deciphered and you will work with Joe to get to the bottom of what women REALLY want.

The bottom line is whether you are looking to go out on dates more and have fun or you are looking to take something to the next level with that special someone, this is the system that you have been waiting for. 

There Are Many Fish In The Sea, but you have to know when to cast out, and when to reel in ….

Order DECODE YOUR DATE: FOR HIM now and bring the science of dating cues with you anywhere you go!
So there it is. A system, finally, designed to get to the bottom of those “looks” women always give. Before now these secrets were like other unexplained phenomena: ghosts, UFO, Bigfoot, but TODAY, through this exclusive system you can finally figure out the biggest mystery in the universe.

And you deserve it. After all the heartache and missteps you’ve been through with ladies in the past – isn’t it time you took control of your dating life? Isn’t it time you gained confidence to ask her those deep personal questions that will change the tone of the conversations for good?

You can try those gimmicks - go on dating websites, watch pick-up shows, read her zodiac comparison against yours, OR you can get a real, proven system to know every move she makes.  Not fooling yourself and get that edge on the chump next to you who hasn’t yet heard from Joe Navarro.

There’s no question that if you are looking to improve your game that DECODE YOUR DATE will get you there, but does it fit your budget? After all, we want you to take her out on those dates and not go Dutch! Sure people pay hundreds and even thousands to hear and learn from former special agent Joe Navarro, but we got him to agree to cut his rate so that the men of this world could be let in on this mystery that has been eluding their grasp for far too long.

So today you won’t pay an arm and a leg to read her thoughts. NO, for less than a dime a day or one quick and easy payment of $29.95, you will be on your way to dating YOUR way.

So why wait to turn around your love life, download today.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Non-verbals of Dating - Preparing to Be a Better Observer 11:10
The Language of Love - Understanding Symbolic Communication 17:27
Touch - Proximicx, Haptics, and Harmony 23:16
The Sexual Brain - Understanding the Limbic System 12:51
Non-verbals - The Core of Our Ssexual Being 17:57
Constructs of Beauty and Attraction - Enhancing Attractiveness 19:03
Decode Your Date For Him Part 7 21:18
The First Date 20:11
Mixed Signals - Understanding Women 06:51
What Women Want 03:23
Total Time 2:33:27

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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